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[One Shot] Miscommunication (Tegomasu & Koyato)

Title: Miscommunication
 [info]talisa_ahn, beta’d by [info]linnjay
Pairing: Tegomasu and Koyato
Genre: Romance/Humor
Word Count: 1452
Disclaimer: Don’t ask questions you already know the answers to
Rating: PG
Summary: Now that Koyama and Shige are together, they help Tegoshi and Massu.
A/N: Comments greatly appreciated. 




Koyama looked at the younger boy with amusement.  He’d offered to take Tegoshi shopping with him, but all he’d done since they’d gotten to the mall was whine.

Tegoshi pouted at him.  “Why doesn’t he like me?”

He had to stifle a laugh.  ‘Do not interfere Keiichiro,’ he told himself.  ‘You promised Shige to stay out of it.  He’ll have your head if you screw up.’  Truth was, Massu did like Tegoshi… a LOT.

“Did you ever ask him?” he said finally.  Yes.  That’s a safe, non-interfering question.

They younger boy looked indignant.  “Of course I have!”



They were on the plane back to Japan from Sweden.  Promotions for Miso Soup had gone really well, which made Tegoshi happy, but what made him even happier was that he got to spend so much time with Massu.  Just the two of them… and a dozen other people from J-Entertainment.

He and Massu had just finished their in-flight meal when he finally built up the nerve to turn to Massu and ask, “Do you like me?”

The older boy smiled, nodding his head fervently.  “Of course I like you Tego-chan!”

Tegoshi’s heart sank.  Massu had mistaken his question as whether he liked him as a friend or not.





“Man, poor Tegoshi,” Koyama said, lying down on the bed.

Shige barely looked up from his book.  “Why, what happened?”

Koyama sat up and looked at his boyfriend who was studying at his desk.  “I took him with me to the mall today ‘cause I thought he could use some cheering up.  Tegonyan actually asked Massu if he liked him while they were away.  And from the sounds of it, Massu told him that he only thinks of him as a friend.”

He rolled his eyes and went back to his book.  He had an exam coming up that he needed to do well on.  “But Massu –“

“I know!” he replied, throwing his hands up in frustration.

Shige’s shoulders sagged, putting his book down in defeat, and turned his attention to his boyfriend.  “Koyama.  Stay out of it… but if you absolutely have to do something, talk to Massu.  He has his reasons.”

The older boy eyed him eyed him carefully.  “Do you know something I don’t?”

“No.  Don’t be stupid.”

Koyama bounced off the bed and onto Shige’s lap.  “Tell me…” he whined.  He could never stand being left out.  “Shige~!”

Shige sighed heavily before pushing his boyfriend off his lap and turning back to his books.  “Go talk to Massu.”




Koyama did just that.  “Massu~!” he said sticking his head into the boy’s room.  “I come bearing gifts.”  Well.  They were more like Shige’s gift that had been taken ninja style from his room.

Massu’s eyes brightened when he saw the box of melon daifuku.  He practically bounced to let him in.  “What’s up Koyama?”

“So I’ve been told by a little birdie that there’s a special reason why you’re not making a move on our newly matured little Tesshi.”  Koyama handed over the daifuku.  Shige would slap him over the head for stealing his food without permission, but he was too curious to think of the consequences now.  All he’d had in his room were the remnants of some iso chidori he’d finished off a couple days prior.

Massu smiled softly.  “He’s not ready.”

The older boy rolled his eyes.  “You like him, he likes you.  Why is he not ready?”

“Like you said before, Tegoshi’s developed a new image recently…  I can wait for him to be ready for a real relationship.”

“If you’re talking about the way he’s hanging all over rest of us, maybe he’s just trying to get your attention.”

“I don’t want to confuse him.”

Koyama looked at him seriously.  “Maybe you should think about whether you’re helping or adding to that confusion.”




As Massu sat there talking to Koyama, Tegoshi who had originally been looking for the oldest NewS member, found himself instead talking to Shige.  The more Shige talked, the more confused Tegoshi was getting.

“Maybe you need to just talk to Massu again,” Shige repeated.  “Approach him a little stronger than the last time.”


“Koyama told me that you asked Massu before if he liked you.  Ask again.”

“What good will that do?”

‘Oh god,’ he thought, ‘How much clearer do I have to say this without saying Massu does like you that way?!’  Sighing heavily, he got up, dragged Tegoshi to the door, and pushed him out.  “Go.  Talk.  To.  Massu.  NOW.”

Closing the door again he rolled his eyes.  Staying out of it and helping at the same time was hard.  He reached into his closet only to find that the much deserved snack he was looking for wasn’t there.  After a little more searching, he looked up sharply in realization.





Taking Shige’s advice, Tegoshi stopped in front of Massu’s door.  Just as he was to knock, the door opened and he found himself face to face with Koyama and Massu.  Even though he hesitated to say anything, he smiled when he took a closer look at Massu.  “Um… you have white powder all over your mouth.”

Koyama watched in amusement as Massu covered his mouth in embarrassment.

“I was just wondering if you wanted to grab dinner or something,” Tegoshi said tentatively, not quite looking Massu in the eye.

Massu on the other hand smiled and nodded.  “Sure!”

Now feeling unwanted, Koyama said, “Well, I should get back to Shige bef—“ 

He was abruptly cut off by, “KOYAMA!”  Blinking a couple times, he did an about-face and started to head in the opposite direction.

Tegoshi and Massu looked up in confusion as Shige burst out of his room.  “Koyama Keiichiro get your ass back here right NOW!”

Koyama froze, cringing.  His boyfriend had used his full name.  Not good.

Massu looked at Tegoshi and said quickly, ”We should go.”

The younger boy nodded, “Yes, now would be good.”

The pair had made it to the bottom of the stairs when they heard Shige say, “Where’s my daifuku?!”

Massu ran for it.




“What was that all about?” Tegoshi asked.  He was sitting across from Massu in one of Massu’s favorite restaurant.

The older boy grinned sheepishly “I ate Shige’s daifuku.”


“Koyama gave them to me,” he said in defense, not sounding sorry at all really.

They ordered their food and talked like always.  Music, the new dance they would start tomorrow, Kusano and Uchi… they talked about everything except what was burning a hole in both their minds.  They finished eating in the same manner.

Tegoshi was getting nervous.  He’d hoped that something would happen.  He didn’t know what, just something.  ANYTHING.

Then something did.  On the walk home, Massu’s walking slowed to a stop.  Tegoshi looked back to see the older boy looking down in thought.

“What’s wrong?”

Massu bit his lip.  “Can we talk?”

His hands started sweating.  Thinking Massu was going to tell him he just saw him as a friend, he decided to play dumb, “Of course.  We’ve been talking all night.”

He shook his head, “No, seriously talk.”

“Oh, okay.  What’s up?”

“Do you remember when we were coming back from our promotion in Sweden?  When you asked me if I liked you?”

Tegoshi swallowed.  Hard.  “Y-yeah?”

“You didn’t mean as a friend did you?”  It wasn’t really said as a question, but more as a statement. 

The younger boy shook his head after a little hesitation.

The corners of Massu’s lips turned up.  Tegoshi was looking down at his feet so he reached out and lifted his chin.  “Ask me again.”

With uncertainty and confusion in his eyes, he whispered, “Massu, do you li-”

He never finished the question because Massu’s lips were suddenly covering his, hand now cupping the nape of his neck.

When he finally pulled back, he murmured, “No, but I think I’m in love with you.”

Tegoshi’s eyes widened.  Suddenly he smiled at the irony of the situation and punched his arm half heartedly.  “Then what took you so long?”

Massu smiled.  “I should ask you the same question.  I was waiting for you.”

He smiled back and leaned in for another kiss.  Then after a few precious moments he murmured softly against Massu’s lips, “Omatta se.”




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