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Oneshot - I couldn't decide a pairing - Arashi
Title: Therapy
Author: trickylady
Rating: PG-13 [for some mature themes]
Pairing: Arashi = OTP5
Summary: Jun decides to become a psychiatrist.
Disclaimer: None of this is true, but hey - it could happen. Right?
Notes: Jun is a very serious person, so trust - he could be a good listener. Am I right or am I right? Besides, it's just funny to picture him juggling everyone's problems. xD~ [if you find any typos, dont be afraid to tell me.]


A new day begins, a new test is placed in front of Jun. His teachers told him he must try to help the people closest to him if he plans to help strangers properly, afterwards. Arashi, they will receive his treatments for 2 weeks, or is it the other way around?

He steps into his temporary office. The highest, most elegant room of their shared penthouse. The windows slightly tinted, gold bordered and very large. A clear glass table in front of him - where he places his notepad and pens for the day - it was much stronger than it appeared.

Jun, usually known for his wild style, dressed casually and sophisticatedly. His white, long dress coat with his burgundy framed Chanel glasses. No contacts for once. He wiped dust off of a sleeve and quickly fixed his turtleneck collar when Ohno sloppily dragged himself inside the office.

"Hello Ohno Satoshi, please shut the door for more privacy."

He did as Jun suggested, his problems needed much attention.

He fidgeted, his legs incapable of staying still for a second. He pulled off and on his cap, trying to hide his messy bedhead. (It was morning after all, he had just woken up.)

"Ah, Jun. I don't know where to start."

"From the top would be nice. be polite Jun, that's no way to speak to patients."

Jun cleared his throat as he saw the doubt in Ohno's eyes.

"I mean, please start wherever you like. It'll all arrange itself."

"You're right. So, Nino. Nino is my biggest problem recently."

"Yes. Please go on. What has he been doing to cause you disturbances?"

"Umm...He kind of, you know. He flirts a lot with me, especially in public appearances."

"I see and how does that make you feel?"

"It makes me uncomfortable, but I tell him all the time. He just ignores me claiming I enjoy it."

"Do you enjoy it? Just for my notes, I ask."
(But of course he was curious as well.)

"Well....I do. But that doesn't mean he can do it wherever and whenever he wants! Right?"

"Yes, absolutely."

Jun pulled at his collar, beads of sweat dripping down his face - for reasons he was unsure of at the moment.

"Are you okay Jun? You seem to be getting kind of warm."

"Excuse me a second while I open the window."

Jun puts down his tools and rushes to the right side, pushing at the heavy window - bending in the process. Ohno tilts his head to get a better look before adding:

"Are those pants new? They fit you like a glove."

"What did you say?"

For a quick second he let go of the window, distracted by Ohno, before pushing it properly in place. The type of windows you push outwards and lock into place, not many people still use them. But unfortunately for Jun, he had those kind.

Before Ohno could warn him of the oncoming danger, it came flying back towards him, hitting him in the face. The impact send him to his knees, his nose beginning to slowly drip. (Not to mention, his 500$ frames ruined! Someone was going to pay for them!)

Ohno ran to help Jun up, tilting his head back slightly.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to distract you."

"You should be, dammit! These frames were bought just yesterday!"

"I'll buy you better ones, I swear. Please don't be mad."

"Looks like, time is up. Besides, I have to go attend to this wound."

"Okay, I'll let the others know you canceled for today."

"Yeah but, you stay here - I'll be back shortly."


"Why are you smiling so much."

"Jun is a very forgiving man. I like him more and more every year."


Tuesday, hopefully no painful mishaps would happen. (Although, that was the best apology he had ever received. Especially from someone so loving and meticulous as Ohno.)

The first appointment of the day would be Sho, at 1 in the afternoon. Sho always had trouble waking up in the morning, if he didn't consider to be important that was. And he found this but mildly important. (And only because it was Jun's dream, did he care at all.)

"Good afternoon Sakurai Sho, take a seat if you wish."

"I wish to, I don't feel like standing for an hour - thanks."

"So, any topic you'd like to discuss."

"I do have a question."

"Oh? Please share. I swear to keep it fully confidential."

"Did you hurt your nose because Ohno hit on you?"

Of course, it just so happened, Jun was taking a sip from the glass of water in front of him - to better concentrate, obviously.

The liquid went flying towards Sho, soaking his white sleeveless shirt. (It must have been pretty cold to make his nipples stand on edge like that, Jun thought.)

"Oh, I'm so sorry! I don't know what got into me."

"Jun, don't worry. I understand if you're still embarrassed about what happened yesterday."

Any coherent comeback was thrown out the window as soon as Sho removed his shirt and dropped beside the feet of his chair. Jun stared for a brief moment, trying to recall the last words Sho said.

"Nothing happened. I just hurt myself."

"And Ohno made the boo boo all better, right?"

"Not at all, who's telling you such rumors?"

"Nino, for one. And I trust him a lot."

"And you don't trust me? Anyways, this is suppose to be about you."

"Right. I have something to share then."

"Please go on, I'm all ears."

"And eyes.."

"What? I didn't quite catch that."

"Nothing. So, I have this friend I like."

"Does this friend know? Does the person like you back?"

"I haven't asked you yet. But I think now is a good time, especially that I'm half naked."

Jun gulped as Sho got up from his seat, walking seductively towards him.


"Jun, why are you blushing?"

"I think being a psychiatrist is the best decision I ever made. Besides being in Arashi of course."


Wednesday's another day. Jun had no choice but to cancel all the rest of his appointments the day before. (Sho had given him many logical arguments proving his point. His hands, being one.)

But another day was starting. His first appointment after supper. It was 6.20pm, Nino still hadn't arrived. He was beyond fashionably late, especially when such didn't apply for important rendez-vous.

Finally, 30 minutes late, Nino rushed into the office. Shirt slightly ripped at the collar, pants undone, two different pairs of shoes on. This was hardly like him. Nino was always so responsible and could be counted on.

"Ninomiya Kazunari, I won't tolerate lateness. It's disrespectful to my other clients."

"It's because of your other client. Aiba wouldn't let me leave the restaurant."

"So he did this to you, you're saying?"

"He got kind of drunk, he pulled me into the bathroom and started pulling at anything he could. But I kept trying to explain that I was going to be late."

"I see, fine. This time alone, will I accept your excuses."

"Thanks, I guess."

"Now, please, have a seat - I'll make a quick phone call to Aiba."

"No need. He's drunk as a skunk, I don't think he'll even answer."

"I see. Well, let's begin then. Shall we?"

"Right. I guess you would like to know what's been on my mind lately, right?"

"Anything you'd like to share, I'm here to help."

"In that case, can I talk about you?"

"If it's about you and not about me, then yes."

"Right so, lately all my friends have been going after this one person. And I'd like to try as well, see what I've been missing."

"Pardon me?"

Jun stopped writing on his notepad, looking up at Nino with his glasses leaning on the end of his nose.

"You heard me, I'd like a taste of Mr. DoS. Can I, do you think?"

"That's a highly unprofessional question for me to answer, I'm sorry."

"In other words, after this session, I can try?"

Nino kept his eyes still on Jun, not blinking, a grin in the corner of his mouth. His hands slipping seductively underneath his torn shirt, he waited for a response.

Jun quickly picked up his glass of water, placing it down slowly and fixing his new frame. (From a very apologetic Ohno, costing almost double the last one.)

"I'm sorry, but this is not something I can answer."

"Well then, I might as well leave. But before I do..."

Nino leaned over to whisper in Jun's ear.

"If you like it or not, I'm going to have you tonight."

He proceeded by licking at Jun's earlobe.

Jun conceded. Nino had won.


"Jun, you'd make a fine therapist - I think."

Aiba said, as he placed an arm around his best friend.

"I don't know about therapist, but he's skilled in other ways."

"Shut up Nino, before I hit you."

"Oh yes, hit me again."


The last day of the week. Minor interruptions made him have to cancel his Thursday appointments. (Small, gentle interruptions. Belonging to Nino. Boy was he needy when it came to certain activities.)

Aiba, the last of the week. Jun's first week had been hell, kind of. (He did enjoy them all fighting over his attention though. But he wouldn't admit it.)

Aiba, smiling and never late, entered the office in a pink t-shirt and navy jeans. (Very snug jeans, right around the front area. But of course, Jun wasn't looking there ....purposely.)

"Good afternoon Aiba Masaki, right on time."

"I made sure, I set 3 timers and my watch. Nino kind of yelled at me when they all rang though."

What was going on between those two, he wondered. But he couldn't ask, it wasn't his business unless Aiba made it so. (Which he hoped would be the case because Jun was feeling pretty upset with himself, not solving anyone's problems.)

"So Aiba, tell me what's on your mind."

"Oh! Oh today, I was walking here. Well, not walking but running. And then there was a cat, it was white and beige and it was rubbing on my leg and then a dog came! And the dog tried to bite the cat but I grabbed it and th--.."

"Aiba, I meant something that was bothering you."

"Oh, right."

"Well. I was wondering why my three friends have been smiling and giddy this week. Would you happen to know?"

"Three friends? Giddy? No, I don't. Who are these 3 people?"

"You should know! Nino, Ohno and Sho! They all told me how much they wanted you to become a psychiatrist. They said you were very thorough and loving to your clients."

"Did they now?"

"But Jun, you don't seem loving to me. I think I caught you on a bad day or something."

Aiba shuffled his feet, hands underneath his thighs, eyes sappy and pathetic. (Jun couldn't get over how maternal he felt right then and there, he wanted to cuddle and love this little creature.)

"Don't worry Aiba, I'm in a great mood."

"You seem kinda bitchy to me."

"Aiba, let's get back to you. Has everything been going well?"

"Well, my boyfriend, he escaped when I tried having 'our first sex'. You know what I mean by that?"

"The first sexual relations together, right? Do you know why?"

"Well, Nino said he had to meet you. What did you guys do?"

Suddenly, Jun felt overwhelmed with guilt. Nino had had sex with Jun before he had done it with his boyfriend. And should he tell Aiba the truth, he was uncertain. Although he swore to tell his clients only the truth. But this was his friend.

"He came to a session. We had an appointment at 5pm."

"Oh, alright. I forgive you. So, am I crazy?"

"I can't tell you just yet. Share more, if you please."

"I like you. How 'bout now? Am I insane? Do I need purple pills and green ones and yellow ones?"

Jun eyed Aiba, trying to figure out if he meant it or if he just said it to seem crazy. He'd never dream being a therapist was so hard. (He also never dreamed it would have such rewarding benefits.)

"Ah Jun, can I sit on your lap? My chair isn't comfy."

"You most certainly ca--"

But Aiba never waited for answers, he just figured anything he did to his best friend would be okay. He sat there, arms around Jun's neck, a huge smile painted on his face.

"You're much more comfortable, and squishy too."

"Right, but now see, this isn't the proper way to work."

"Does it matter? I'm your best friend, I won't tell."

He leaned down to fix Jun's glasses, placing a kiss on his forehead.

"Can I spend the night in here Jun? Just us two? Sleepover fun!"

Jun couldn't refuse those pouty lips, those big innocent eyes and that soft body draped on top of him.


Notes to self [Matsumoto Jun]

-Avoid any eye contact with Nino.

-Never open, pull, push any heavy objects in the presence of Ohno. May cause dangerous accidents.

-Do not swallow any liquids or foods while in sessions with Sho.

-Never let your patients sit on your lap, that's a golden rule. (Even if it's your best friend.)

-Don't let anyone you know ask you to give them therapy, will only provoke uncomfortable or unforeseen events.



Clearly matsujun will be the greatest therapist EVER, and cuddle his patients. People are gonna PAY like, a lot for this. are much love~

haha. I thought he would be too. I would pay a pretty penny for it, wouldn't you?

awww. <333


thanks for commenting!

Like hell I would >DD

[bows back]

thanks for writing!

That is the funniest thing I've ever read. haha... Hm... Matsujun as a psychiatrist. Pretty crazy.


hahah. really? what an honor!


thanks for commenting.



Ohno's very sweet.. so sweet that I'm having cavities. Though it might be the candies that i've been eating lately that's giving me a slight toothache.......

Sho... you suck at seducing on TV but you're so successful in fanfics.. xD You need us fangirls to help u in real life... XD *just finished watching Shukudai-kun*

Nino you bastard! Sleeping with Jun before Aiba!! NOW GO MAKE UP WIHT AIBA and have a 3some with Jun and Aiba.

*runs away giddy*


ah~ you read this but nothing else?!!? xD jokes.

of COURSE jun can't submit to it, he uses it most on jun. ^.~v

hahhaha. ohno is sweet yeah, but..he's also pervy. xD~~

yep. he sucks at seducing GIRLS. but otherwise he's fine. haha.

shit happens. LOL.

haha. thanks for commenting. <3

Well.. I was trying to escape from the wrath that is my accounting textbook...........

I want a puppy face of doom.. DD: And jun so tops Aiba...

Ohno's pervy in a very.. subtle way.. XD I want to see him drunk.. XD

WEll technically he does't suck at seducing girls.. *points at the gazillion Sho pictures of him hot and sexy* And he's your walking sex stick.. xD

Lol.. Shit happens.. lol.. XD S&M NiJun... "Spank me!" XD

souka. did it work?

lolz. xD don't we all.

....pfft. sometimes not subtle. [like the few times he hit nino's butt..kissed jun, tried kissing sho..etc. xD]

hahah~ well. fine, he sucks at saying THINGS to girls. xD~

lolz. yes. Nino liked the aggressive Jun in bed

This is amazing!!
It would be lovely if there was a sequel with the other Johnny members xD
But I love this~

I don't know other members well enough to write about them.

Ah I see~
But nonetheless this is lovely to read~

thank you, glad you enjoyed it.


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