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2 koyashige drabbles

Title: Bike rides
Author: japwannabe
Fandom: NEWS
Pairing: KoyaShige
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: i am a fangirl, unfortunately fortunately not johnny
A/N: i havent written in a long time, and just felt like it. mehh. Don't expect much, im not really a good writer *shrugs*
oh and please excuse the mistakes. it isnt beta-ed


The slight autumn breeze causes goose bumps to appear on his arms. Koyama slips his jumper on and rubs his arms a bit before jumping onto his bike. He was up early, the sun had only just risen, lighting up the earth’s surface with its bright rays. Koyama adds pressure to the front pedal and begins to pedal away down the street.

Koyama has always loved riding his bike ever since Shige had taught him how to. He remembers that day clearly. It was just them two, his new bike and the pigeons in the nearest park to his home. He remembers the bruises and pain he received from all the times he fell over. But not once did he cry because he didn’t want Shige to think he was a cry baby.  Koyama would instead pick himself up and try again, practicing and practicing with his best friend beside him. Eventually he got the hang of it and was able to ride side-by-side with Shige.  Koyama smiles at the memory and thinks that he was really happy then.

He likes riding alone. It gives him time to think about things, whether they were of any importance or not. It relieves him of all the stress school had been giving him and calms him down. Koyama rides down a road between rice fields. The air is fresh and he takes a deep breath before letting it out. He closes his eyes for a second and thinks that days like this are the best.

Koyama stops in front of a small white house. He rings the bell on his bike once, twice and then door to the house opens. There, a boy stands wearing a black jacket and denim jeans. He looks like he has just woken up from a deep slumber. The boy scratches his head and his black hair has now become messy. He yawns.

 “Ohayou, Shige.” Koyama smiles at the younger boy and pats the back seat of his bike. “C’mon, let’s go.”

 Shige smiles back and hops on the bike. “Ohayou, Kei.” Shige wraps his arms around Koyama’s waist. He leans forward and places his head onto Koyama’s back and mumbles, “Hnngg where are you taking me?”

 “Somewhere special”

 “Wake me up when we get there then.”

Koyama loves riding with Shige. The pedals are heavier, but he doesn’t mind. He loves the warmth Shige emits. Koyama thinks he feels much warmer now. He loves it whenever Shige is this close to him. He loves it whenever Shige is around. Shige always makes him feel at ease and himself.  Koyama loves riding his bike. Koyama loves Shige.

But he thinks he loves Shige more. Koyama chuckles to himself and continues to pedal.  

Title: Oh shit!
Author:  japwannabe
Fandom: NEWS
Pairing: KoyaShige
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: i love them, not own them 

Oh shit. Ohshitohshitohshitshit!! I did not just say that out loud. Crap.

Shige’s right eyebrow was unusually higher than his other, “Koyama, what did you just say?”

Ok, he might not have heard it. Good, good. Now feign ignorance, Keiichiro.

Koyama gulped and gave a lop-sided smile.

“What are you talking about Shige? I haven’t said anything. Ahahaha,” Koyama scratched the back of his head as he started to laugh louder, albeit awkwardly.

“No, I’m sure you said something right after I came in,” Shige eyed Koyama suspiciously.

Damn you smart sexy Shige in tight pants!

There was only one thing Koyama thought he could do; run.

So he did.

But he didn’t get far as Shige quickly turned around and grabbed Koyama’s wrist.

“You definitely did say something.” Shige smirked up at Koyama

A little squeak slipped passed Koyama’s lips.

“N-no, I did-didn’t”

“Oh yes you did,” Shige’s smirk grew wider. “And I’m sure it went something along the lines of ‘Oh god Shige you look so hot today. I love you so much’”

Koyama stared at Shige.

Shige stared at Koyama.

None of them made any movement or sound.

Noooo! Now he thinks I’m weird and disgusting and our friendship won’t ever be the same anymore. And he is going to push me against the wall and kiss me hard and—what?!

Shige pressed his body close to Koyama’s. He kissed Koyama hard, biting on his bottom lip making Koyama gasp and using this chance to slip his tongue in. Koyama was dumbstruck for a second but he soon recovered and kissed Shige back. Both boys parted as soon as more oxygen was needed in their lungs.

Panting Koyama says, “Well, that was unexpected.”

“Oh shut up,” and with that Shige pulled Koyama down into another heart felt kiss.

Tags: g: news, l: drabble

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