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Oneshot - Nijun
The two youngests of Arashi.

Title: Stay here
Rating: PG-13 at most.
Author: me.
Disclaimer: I don't...yeah. whatever. I DO. okay, happy? xD and yes, I'm back again. don't get sick of me yet, please.
Summary: Jun watches horror movies.

Stay here

Friday night, party night. All of Arashi.

They made sure to meet up every friday and hang out, all of them, all at once. They drank, they danced, they sang, they did things they regretted. (Like the time they played twister in the nude.)

This night was going to be different for so many reasons though. According to Jun. He had a plan up his sleeve, the best one yet.

I'll steal Nino away, so Ohno will want me.

The loud music started. It was 9pm.

There was a house, where they met up. It had 2 floors and a basement. They had bought it together, so they could sleep in the same place without disturbances.

It wasn't big, but it had 5 rooms that were styled completely to match their personalities.

Aiba's was animal-filled, stuffed ones and live ones. Nino's was technology-filled, from his laptop to his 10 game systems. Sho's was entirely full of books and shoes. It was really a bad habit of his, buying so many. Ohno had art and photos all over his walls, mostly of Nino. Jun's, now his was special.

He had the most stuff so he needed the biggest room. He took the basement and filled it with his designer bags, sunglasses, clothes and all his expensive accessories.

On this night, he decided he was going to watch Texas chainsaw massacre. Alone? Not for long.

They all laughed and drank upstairs as Jun stayed in his room, starting the film.

"Nino!" He waited. He knew Nino always heard him, but didn't always want to respond. Which was understandable considering Ohno always wanted him to answer art questions.

Not long after, Nino came down the stairs, his hands in his pockets. Hardly smiling, but looking quite drunk.

"Hmm? What's up Jun?" Jun smirked as he wrapped the blankets around him tighter. Now was his chance.

"I rented a horror film, I know how much you love them so..." He barely finished talking as Nino ran down the rest of the stairs and jumped in the blankets with him.

"What is it!?" Nino really loved his scary movies. They were a thrill and a half, but hardly as thrilling as what Jun was thinking.

"Texas chainsaw massacre." Jun wrapped the blanket around Nino more. He didn't want him to be able to move away, anytime soon. Nino's eyes lit up as the film started.

Jun watched the film, using his peripheral vision to see Nino's adorable reactions. He was watching the film through his index and middle fingers. Quite a sight indeed.

Jun inched a bit closer to Nino, making sure he didn't notice. Nino turned himself to the side and hid his face in Jun's shoulder. The movie was getting good. As well as other things.

Nino whimpered as the killer appeared, Jun wrapped his arms around Nino's body pulling the blanket with him. Jun grinned, he was getting there.

Nino looked up at Jun. Blinking a few times in shock. Eyes full of interrogations.

"What's this?" Jun wasn't sure what he meant. So he asked him.

"What?" Nino pointed down, into the darkness of the blankets. Jun turned red in 10 seconds flat. He laughed it off saying Nino was imagining things because of the movie.

I mean c'mon, why would Jun get an erection because of Nino? He liked Ohno after all. This was impossible.

But there was something tonight, something tingling inside. Maybe it was being alone with him. Maybe it was seeing his vulnerable side. Maybe it was just friday. It could be anything at this point.

Nino poked at it. He then tilted his head sideways as he questioned Jun's honesty.

"I know what that is Jun. I wasn't born yesterday." He smiled. One of his malicious ones he always threw at Ohno. Jun felt it throb. He knew exactly why Ohno liked Nino, just with that smile and touch.

"It's nothing." He coughed. But Nino did something he didn't expect.

"If you say so.." Nino sat on Jun's lap, squeezing him breathless almost. Jun was surprinsingly still comfortable, sorta...kinda in a weird friday-night way.

Nino focussed on the film, biting his nails with every dramatic scene that appeared. Jun pulled his hands away and put them under his shirt, they were cold as ice.

Nino passed his hands gently over Jun's stomach, trying to warm them up. But he didn't know he was sending so many shivers through Jun's body. He didn't want to lie anymore.

"Nino--I--" Jun looked into Nino's eyes, forcing himself not to turn away.

"Yes. I know Jun." He knew what exactly? That Jun only wanted to make Ohno jealous? That Jun was secretly falling for Nino now? That he lied about his erection? (that was still growing)

"What?" Jun had to know more.

"I know you like Ohno." That's it? Nothing more. Maybe Nino was tired, it was friday night. "I just wished you felt for me too."

What was this?! Nino, being all emo and loving. A side he never showed, especially not to Jun. He liked it, strangely. He wanted to cuddle Nino and for him to know he did, but he couldn't find the words.

"Don't worry." That's all he could say. He held Nino tighter, stroking his hair lightly and smiling. A real smile. Not a smirk, not a grin, no evil thoughts. (Although he still had a hard-on.)

Every once in a while, Nino would hide his face in Jun's neck. Breathing rapidly because of his heart speeding up. Scary movies really were a good idea.

One day, maybe, he would tell Nino. Tell him the truth. Tell him I love you.

But until then, this would have to do.

Prease to comment if you enjoyed.

No smut, hope you're still pleased. xD

EDIT: Since someone mentionned it, would you like me to write the nude twister game I spoke of at the beggining? xD

and then one day ohno's going to walk in on them 'watching' a horror movie. XD he would probably be like o.O and nino would be 'ah! oh-chan! this movie's so scary! i was covering my face on matsujun's chest, ne?' and ohno would say 'but why were you on his lap?' and matsujun (not looking at ohno) would go 'well, he panicked and jumped on me!' and ohno would kinda sorta believe it.

until he asks three days later: 'but why werent you guys wearing any pants?' XD

ok im done. seriously, tho, this is an awesome fic. i wouldve liked to have seen the 'nude twister' game. kinky. XD mebbe a prequel? ;D

hahahhaah. xDDDD I likes. yosh. you should finish it. LOL.

ah, maybe, if you ask nicely enough. xDDDD

[bows] thanks for the comment. ^-^v

Ahh..and to think that this was all my doing...I guess my movie theme and pairings were brilliant eh? hahaha...*gloats*

hahahah stop that. xDDD [bites]

kyaa~ kawaii ne~
if only he say i love u... so sad that it's a oneshot TxT
great fanfic

..thank you. ^-^

I'm glad you enjoyed! [bows]

really really good. this is the best line:
One day, maybe, he would tell Nino. Tell him the truth. Tell him I love you.

^0^ awww. thanks so much for commenting.


Movies always does the trick! XDDD ..okay, well.. Nino still was clueless, but Jun had a good start. hahaha.

Nice work! Smut or not, Matsumiya always rocks. =]

hahahah. un! xD

lolz. I usually write so much smut so this was a fresh change. hahaah. [bows] thanks for commenting. ^-^

NINO POKED AT IT!!!!!!!!! *dies* total win with a little sad ending T_T

hahah. yosh! I would too ya know.

xDDDDD aww, don't be sad. keke. [hugs]

waa it was great!!!
twister?? you have to do it!!! i know it's gonna be great!!!! >_

hahah. xD two people so far [keeping count] xDD


[bows] thanks for the comment.

(Deleted comment)
hahaah. yes, he's very cute when he's not using his sharp tongue. hahah.

lolz. everyone would be tangled. xDDDD

AWWWW <3 Nino's "I just wished you felt for me too." was kinda sad :(
LOL XD Nude twister game? I would love a prequel and a sequel for this? ;D

I don't really write much anymore. ^-^;;

but thanks for reading. =)


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