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Shige/Koyama and Pin ficlets

Title: Art Appreciation
Pairing: Shige/Koyama
Rating: PG?
Author's Notes: A little comment-fic I made in darkeyedwolf 's journal after looking at this picture for far too long, fixed up slightly for public consumption. Actually, just read the thread (and my ghetto translation of the picture) first, everything makes more sense in context. Even this.

The photo shoot has been particularly long and boring that day. So when Koyama swipes a Polaroid from the photographer (it's a particularly ridiculous candid photo of Koyama with his tongue hanging out and Shige scowling at him and a shot like that would almost certainly wind up being included in a corner somewhere much to Shige's mortification) and begins to carefully paint on top of it with nail polish, Shige doesn't do anything to dissuade him. In fact, he sits down beside him to watch.

Laboriously Koyama paints a collar around his own neck, the leash in Shige's hand, then caps the red polish with a flourish. He turns to Shige with a massive grin. "What do you think?"

"You're hardly da Vinci." he responds dryly, idly picks out a shade of orange from the pile of bottles at Koyama's side (there's probably some poor makeup girl wondering where on earth they all went) and begins to paint in a tail and ears.

Koyama laughs loudly in delight, and Shige shushes him before he draws attention to what they're doing. They giggle together for a moment, then Koyama paints a handbag onto Shige. "Look, a manbag! Don't say I never give you anything." That comment earns him a smack over the back of the head.

Shige paints in a little throbbing vein, so Koyama surrounds his head with little hearts. It's somehow an accurate representation of them - Shige, exasperated with Koyama, and Koyama, cheerfully oblivious to Shige. They snicker some more, in the corner away from everyone else, sign it (Koyama even adds a copyright symbol), and together they blow on the photo to dry it.

"I think there's still something missing," Koyama declares, holding the photo up and examining it like an art critic. "It's too...quiet. It needs something. Oh! Wait." He uncaps the blue again and draws a speech bubble and Shige resists the urge to point out that in comparison to Koyama everything is quiet. The older boy begins adding text to his speech bubble, and it just figures that even Koyama in a photograph has to be talking, and Shige smacks him again as he reads over his shoulder.

"Nyanta? What does your cat have to do with anything?!"

"Ouch! Quit it!" Koyama rubs the back of his head and looks wounded for a moment. "Dogs like cats, right? Anyway, you're just jealous because you don't even have a cat." He looks smug.



They scuffle for a moment, then Shige announces, all haughty pride "Well, I don't need a real cat, because I’ve got you as my dog!"

Koyama stares for a moment, mouth a wide 'O' while that statement sinks in, and once it does it takes about 0.02 of a second for him to fall over laughing hysterically, clutching his sides. "I'm your what?" he manages to choke out in between laughs, lying on his back and kicking his legs in the air. Just like a dog.

As he gasps for air, still giggling, Shige calmly paints his own little speech bubble, and tightly screws on the top of the bottle. Just as calmly, he moves over to Koyama, straddles his waist and bends down to whisper in his ear. "I said," he murmurs, "you're my dog." and suddenly Koyama's not laughing anymore, is swallowing loudly and breathing hard on the side of Shige's face.

The whole situation has the potential to be very embarrassing and damaging to their careers but a long drawn out wail saves them. All attention in the room is suddenly on the photographer who originally took the Polaroid and who has just seen their handiwork. Shige takes the opportunity to shimmy off Koyama before anyone thinks to ask why they‘re sitting like that and why do they look kind of happy about it. "What have you do~ne?!" the photographer whines, waving the photo about dramatically. "You've ruined it!" and the director of the shoot races over to take a look.

"Hm." She examines it. "Actually, no, I like this. I think we can use this if it's cleaned up a little first." She beckons over her assistant and hands over the photo. "Make sure this goes to the graphics artist with the rest of the shoot. Include a note saying I want it large and somewhere central," she orders, and Shige can't decide if he wants to tackle her to the ground and take the photo back or curl up in a corner and cry somewhere.

Koyama leans heavily against his back, laughing - of course he would think it was funny - and asks, voice low and teasing, if Shige actually owns a leash.

Well, maybe it’s not so bad after all.

Title: Birds of a Feather
Pairing: Pin
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: More comment-fic. I'm starting to suspect that darkeyedwolf  has some magical, fic-inspiring super powers or something. Apparently I thought the combination of Pin + giant animal costumes + hormones was a great idea. Baby's first RPS fic!

Yamapi sets his hairbrush down deliberately on the dressing room bench and turns to face Jin. "I am not," he says flatly, "having sex with you while you are wearing that."

Jin pouts in response, smoothing his hands over the sides of the leopard print leotard. "Whhhhy?" he whines. "Don't you think it makes my thighs look nice?" and he twirls on the spot to prove his point. The kitty ears on the top of his head bobble at the movement.

While he can't really argue with that statement - his thighs really do look good - even Yamapi has a limit and Jin wearing a girl's leopard costume is pretty much it. It's not like it's even Jin's costume. Sooner or later the TV station's costuming department is going to want it back, preferably clean and in one piece, and sex with Jin has always been of the messy, sweaty, clothes-tearing variety. It's a good thing one of them actually thinks things through, Yamapi thinks smugly.

Rather than point out all the reasons why it would be a very bad idea for them to have sex right there in the station dressing room where anyone could walk in and see them though, Yamapi simply stands and says "No." again, picking up his jacket and brushing away imaginary lint. It's always best to keep things simple and to the point with Jin. There's less chance of him misunderstanding then.

Jin pouts again, actually managing to make his lower lip wibble, and it looks so ridiculous that Yamapi has to look away to hide his smile. "You're just jealous," he sulks, and Yamapi raises an eyebrow.

"Of what?"

His friend preens. "That I look better in it than you ever would." He curls one hand around the tail and twirls it suggestively in the air.

"You're kidding, right?" but the thing with Jin is, you never can tell, and Jin simply smirks.

"It's ok. I understand you may be feeling a little inferior now. I mean, not everyone can look as fabulous as me righ-ooof." and he doesn't finish his sentence because Yamapi has tackled him to the ground with an incoherent battle cry and is doing his best to wiggle down the zipper in the back.

"We'll see-" Yamapi plucks the headband out of Jin's hair, tossing it somewhere on the other side of the room, "how confident you are-" there is the sound of something tearing, and he spares a brief thought for the distraught costume department girls when they get it back, "without this on. Fabulous my arse."

When they're done, Yamapi's hair needs to be re-styled and he's going to have to go on stage without the jacket because it's going to need a dry-cleaning before it sees the light of day again, and he's not entirely sure he won the argument. Underneath him Jin is giggling like a lunatic as he lazily runs his fingers up and down Yamapi's sides, and Yamapi raises an eyebrow. "What?"

Jin giggles again. "Me-ow." and then he's wriggling in an attempt to find cover as Yamapi begins to attack him.

* * *

The two days later Yamapi is woken up early by a delivery. He signs for the package (which has no return address) and sets it on his coffee table, curiously peeling away at the packing tape.

Inside is a monkey costume, and Yamapi makes a noise that may be outraged or amused or some combination of them both. On top is a note-

Want to try again? Maybe if you work really, really hard you can look as good in a giant animal costume as me.
Tags: g: kat-tun, g: news, l: drabble, r: pg

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