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Title: Friction
Author: ayume_matsumoto
Pairing: Mainly based upon Jun/Jin...but there are others.
Dislaimer: I'm not Johnny. I lose.
Summary: In Johnny’s Jimusho there are friends, work colleages and enemies. But what happens when the person you believed to be your enemy suddenly wants to become even more than your friend?
A/N: This whole fic is written just in speech. So it's my attempt at a different style of writing.

“Tackey, I’m telling you, he’s such an idiot. God only knows why Johnny-san ever let him in to the Jimusho, let alone let his group debut!”

“Honestly Matsujun, I think you’re taking this a wee bit too far. There’s really nothing wrong with Jin…”

“Except that he’s a stuck-up, arrogant, selfish bastard who has nothing better to do than criticise everyone else!”

“Well…he’s never critised me.”

“The only clever thing he’s done in his life. If he critised you, Johnny’s ‘Golden Boy’, he’d be straight away suspended.”

“Matsumoto, stop being sarcastic. You know that’s not true. Johnny has new ‘Golden Boys’ now.”

“Oh, you’ve become too worn-out for him to toy with now, have you?!?”

“Oh for gods sake Jun. You know you’re more of a favourite for him than I am. Getting all the attention always from him.”

“Well…at any rate, I worked for it.”

“Yes, well I’m not denying you haven’t worked hard or anything…but let’s please stop talking about Johnny, that’s totally off the subject.”

“But it’s Johnny’s fault that I have to work with Jin!”

“You hardly ever work with him. Once in a blue moon maybe. Come on, don’t complain so much.”

“But he’s so dreadful! I hate him! I hate him!”

“Look Jun, stop acting like a child and pull yourself together man. I didn’t pick up the phone to talk to a moody ‘pretty-boy’.”

“Who you calling ‘pretty-boy’!?!”

“Jun, I really can’t be bothered with this. I can’t do anything to help you. Jin is part of the Jimusho and that’s how it’s been for years. If you don’t like it tough, you’ll just have to stick with it or quit.”


“Tackey? Tackey? Hello? Oh fine then! Just ditch me like you always do, ‘cos that’s obviously what friends are for!”


“Matsumoto-san, over here. Ah, and Ohno-san, you can kneel down in front of him…”

“If someone only heard this they’d think he was directing a porn movie or something.”

“Ha-ha Sho-chan. You have such a dirty mind.”

“Yeah, ok Aiba. But did the photographer tell you to put you’re hand there?!”

“Oopsie. He he. Sorry Sho-chan.”

“Ninomiya-san. Ninomiya-san! Please, over here!”

“But I don’t want to stand next to Matsumoto. He’s looking extremely moody today.”

“Shuddup Nino.”

“Ow! That hurt. Don’t hit me, unless you want a black eye decorating your visage!”

“Guys! Guys! Please. Let’s just get this photo shoot over with.”

“Hmpf…ok. The quicker we finish, the quicker I can get away from this moody ‘pretty-boy’.”

“Urgh! What the hell is with the whole ‘pretty-boy’ thing?!! The next person to call me that I swear I’m gonna kill.”



“My my, Matsujun, you’re looking very pretty today! I only just noticed what a pretty boy you are today. I guess my mind is wandering rather a lot today.”



“… that doesn’t count ‘cos he used it in a different context.”

“Yeah yeah. Admit it, you have a soft spot for Ohno.”


“Ok ok Matsujun, chill man, I was just having a joke.”





“Yo Subaru! What you been up to lately? Our paths don’t cross very much anymore do they?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just been up to the normal stuff. Photo shoots, Television performances and stuff. You know, promotion for our new single.”

“Ah yeah! I heard it on the radio last. It’s really good! And I’m really impressed how much your voice has improved!”

“Thanks. You’ve improved too you know Jun. You get prettier and sexier each time I see you.”

“Ha-ha. Thanks, but really, there’s a lot more I could improve.”




“Hey Matsujun! Subaru.”

“Oh, heya Tackey.”


“Oh come on. You’re still not angry about me hanging up on you last Saturday are you? That’s pathetic.”

“Well, if that’s all I am to you. Pathetic. I don’t think we ought to be friends anymore.”

“What’s up with you two?”

“Don’t worry Subaru, Jun’s just being an ass like he sometimes is. He’ll get over it soon.”




“I’m gonna so kill Jin one day. The way he smirks all at the crowds, flirts with the camera’s…”

“Look who’s talking.”

“la la la…I can’t hear you Tackey.”


“Well…looks like we have to go now. Er…speak more to you later Jun. And…er…Tackey.”



“Akanishi! What do you want?! If I were you I’d get outta here pretty sharp, I’m in no mood to tolerate you today!”

“Er…actually…Kame sent me.”

“Kamenashi? Why couldn’t he just come himself?!”

“Well, actually, he sent me to tell you that Ueda was told by Nakamaru, who overheard Taguchi and Yamashita-san talking about Keiichiro-san who said to Domoto Tsuyoshi-san that I should apologise to you for being so horrible recently.”

“Huh? You what?”

“…Basically…I’m sorry Matsumoto-san for not being very nice to you recently.”


“and…well…Kame suggested that maybe if we got to know each other better, maybe we would be able to tolerate each other much better…?”





“Argh! How dare he! I could never get-along with a guy that stupid!”

But you get along perfectly well with Aiba

“But Aiba’s much more kinder. He’s not even half as twisted as Jin!”


“Aiba’s ill, so we can’t go ahead with the filming for the new music video today.”

“I guess that means we’ve got the rest of the day off then huh?”

“Yeah. Sorry guys. We’ll have to try and find another day for the filming.”

“It’s ok. I guess it can’t be helped.”

“Poor Aiba-chan. I might go visit him later maybe.”

“Hey, I’ll come with you then Sho-kun! I borrowed some paints from him last weekend and I need to return them anyway.”


“So, Junji. What’re your plans for the rest of the day then?”

“Hmm…I dunno. I suppose I could go shopping.”

“Eh? Again? Didn’t you just go last weekend?”

“Yeah and? A man can never have enough clothes. Especially a man like me.”

“You mean ‘pretty-boy’.”

“Whatever. You wanna come with me?”

“Er…thanks, but no. Toma lent me his new game and I was thinking this would be a good day then to try it out.”

“Ah…I see. Guess I’ll just have to go shopping alone then.”

“Yeah. Sorry Matsumoto, but you know, we don’t really have the same taste in clothes anyway. So it’s probably better for you to go alone.”

“You’re probably right.”


“Wow! I’ve already spent so much money, and I haven’t even been into half the shops.”

“Ahh! What a beautiful Jacket! That would look really good with my new Jeans.”

“Excuse me? Can I help you sir?”

“Oh, yes please. I’d like to try on that Jacket if possible.”

“Sure. Here.”

It fits perfect. But it’s really expensive. Oh well, if I don’t buy it I’ll regret it later.

“Eh…hey. I’d like to buy this please.”

“Sure. Right this way.”

Man, am I lucky today. No work and loads of nice clothes in the shops.


“Ahh…I’m so sorry.”



“Oh…did you just buy that Jacket?”

“Yes. Why? What’s it got to do with you?!”

“Oh…well actually I was planning on buying it.”

“Really? Well I bought it.”

“Heh. Well, looks like we have the same taste in clothes then.”

“EH? What?!”

“Oh wow! Where’d you get those Jeans from?!”


“Ah…Gomen Gomen. It’s just, those Jeans would look really good with this new t-shirt I bought.”

“Oh…that’s a rather nice t-shirt, I must admit.”

“It is, isn’t it? I bought it from the shop over there.”

“Ah…I’ve never been in that shop before. It looks so small and run-down.”

“Oh but you must go look in it! It has such a range of amazing clothes! And the Jewellery section is also pretty impressive too!”


“Yes, really! Matsuju~~moto. Come! Come!”

“Hey. Not so fast. Don’t pull my top that much, it’ll stretch!”


“Ah! Sugoii! This place is pretty amazing ne?!”

“Told ya so!”

“Hey look! They have loads of hats here!”

“And sunglasses over here. Look, these’ll look really good on you Matsumoto.”

“You think so?”

“Here! Try them on!”

“Ha-ha. They do look pretty stylish on me. But they probably cost a fortune.”

“Nope, not compared to the other shops.”

“Oh I must buy these then! My! Look! This hat looks really cool. Here! Akanishi! Try it on!”

“And? How does it look on me?”

“Just like I thought. Cool!”


“You know Akanishi, I never thought you had such a good taste in clothes.”

“Ha-ha. And I never thought you did either.”

“But you know. I still hate you.”

“Huh? Why? Hey Matsumoto! Wait! Why you smiling like that?!”

“See you at Utawara studio tomorrow, Akanishi!”


“Morning Kamenashi-kun! Is Ueda-kun already here?”

“I haven’t seen him yet, why?”

“Oh, the director is looking for him. Something about some Gackt CD’s left here after last week.”

“Oh. Well, if I see him I’ll pass the message on.”

“Cool. Thanks.”

“Oh…I believe Yamashita-san tried to phone you yesterday, but you weren’t home. Or weren’t picking up.”

“Ah. Well I was out shopping with Aka…ah…yeah, shopping. What did Yamapi want?”

“hmm…shopping? I see.”

“What’s that smirk for?!”

“Nothing. Nothing. Anyway, Yamashita-san. Yeah, it was some NO BORDER business. They want to rearrange Thursday’s meeting, oh, and Yamaguchi-san wanted to organise a day to go surfing with you again.”

“I see. I’ll get in contact with them both later then.”

“Good. Well, better be going. See you in the studio in a bit.”

“Sure. Don’t forget to tell Ueda-kun if you see him.”

“I won’t forget. Don’t worry.”


“Akanishi? What you doing in my dressing room?”

“Well, you see, I noticed you weren’t taking any notice of me today during filming.”


“Well. I had just hoped that maybe we were more like friends now. After yesterday.”

Friends?! You must be joking. You and me could never be friends! Ever!”

“But why not?! Didn’t you have fun yesterday? You looked like you were having fun!”

“I was. But that doesn’t mean I have to be friends with you. I have an image to keep. If the other’s saw me being friends with you…well, I’d be ruined.”

“What do you mean?! Ruined?”

“You don’t see me being friends with Ryo Nishikido either, do you?”


“Well. I can’t be friends with someone who competes against me in looks.”

“But Matsumoto! I don’t want to compete against you.”

“But you do. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Therefore we will never be friends. Now if you please, I’d like to get changed. There’s the door.”

“Honestly Matsumoto.”



“Ah Kame! What can I do?! Matsujun is so stubborn!”

“So it’s true! You really do have a crush on Matsumoto Jun?!”

“Eh? Koki, do you regularly walk into people’s dressing rooms without knocking before hand?”

“Occasionally. When I’m feeling rather perverted.”

“Well come in and close the door anyway. We don’t want anyone listening in. It’s a private conversation.”

“Yay! So tell me. You really have a crush on him?!”

“I suppose. Kind of.”

“Man, and I thought Junno was just playing one of his usual jokes.”

“Yes, well, can you please try and keep quite about this though. Like Junno should have done.”

“You have my word. I’ll go and sort out Junno for you later. I’ll catch him in his dressing room.”

“Hmm…I’m sure he’ll be ecstatic to have you perving on him.”

“Ha-ha. You know Junno. He’s ecstatic over anything.”

“Like you would know Koki.”

“Yeah. Boy do I know.”

“Right ~~ please, let’s get back on topic.”


“So what’s the problem?”

“Well, Jin here has been trying to get ‘closer’ to Matsumoto lately. But Matsumoto just shows him the cold shoulder all the time.”

“Except when we went shopping yesterday.”

“You went shopping yesterday? With him?”

“Yeah. But it was by accident. We kinda bumped into each other.”

“I see. Did he enjoy shopping with you?”

“He seemed to have loads of fun. But then at the end of the day he told me he still hated me. And today he told me we could never be friends because I’m competition for him.”


“Yeah. In looks…or something like that.”


“mmm…I mean come on. How could I be competition for him?! He has such dark, thick beautiful hair. And large sparkling eyes. And amazing lips. Oh man, and his body is…”

“Ok ok Jin, we get the picture.”

“It’s just like he’s walked out of some manga.”

“Ha-ha….Jin, why don’t you just tell him all those things? I’m sure he’d be very flattered.”

“And I’d be flattened after he’s finished with me. You’d have to scrape me off the floor with a knife.”

“Aw, don’t be such a pessimist Jin. Matsumoto is human after all, he’s not total coldness.”

“Off course he’s not. Otherwise I wouldn’t feel like I do towards him.”

“I’m sure we’ll find a way to help you Jin. Won’t we Koki!?”

“Eh…sure we will Kame. Ah well, I best go off and find Junno.”

“O..kay…you do that.”

“Bye Koki.”

“He he. Bye!”

“ Junno-chaaan!? Oh Junno darling! Where art thou my flexible friend?!”


“Moshi Moshi Tackey. It’s me.”

“Matsujun? Talking again to me are we?!”

“Look. I’m sorry Tackey. I’ve been rather depressed lately. I really didn’t mean to take it out on you.”

“Nah. Don’t worry about it. I knew you’d cool down eventually.”

“Thanks. I’m really glad to have you as a friend. It must be really hard for you to always put up with my complaints.”

“Not really. Your complaints usually amuse me.”

“Ha-ha…they’re not suppose to.”

“Yeah well. I have a sad sense of humour. I find Taguchi-kun’s puns funny after all.”

“Ha-ha, I suppose you do have a sad sense of humour then. Oh, but talking about Taguchi, you don’t wanna know what I walked into today at the Utawara studio.”


“Taguchi and Tanaka doing you-know-what in his dressing room. It was gross.”

“Ehhhhhhhh?! Honto?!”


“Wait. What were you doing walking into his dressing room without knocking beforehand?”

“Well…I didn’t realise he was in there. I did knock, but no-one replied, and I was just dropping off a pair of jeans which Aiba borrowed from him ages ago.”

“Oh. But oh my god! Tanaka and Taguchi?! I always thought Tanaka was together with Nakamaru?!”

“He is. But to tell you the truth I think all of KAT-TUN are together with each other.”

“Eww….twisted guys. Ha-ha.”

“Yeah. One person just isn’t good enough for them.”

“Ha-ha. I just couldn’t imagine having something with my work colleges.”

“Me neither.”

“I mean, Tsubasa’s kinda cool and attractive and stuff. But it’s just wrong.”

“I totally agree.”

“But…don’t you have a soft spot for Ohno?”

“Off course not!”


“Maybe a little…but…oh just shut up Tackey. It’s not like I want to fuck him all the time.”

All the time? So do you mean you sometimes think about it?”

“NO! I mean…just No!”

“He he. You know Jun, you’re a very amusing man. Your life always sounds so complicated and there’s always something your not satisfied with.”

“What’s that suppose to mean?!”

“Nothing. Don’t worry too much, if you do there will soon be wrinkles appearing on your pretty, pampered forehead.”

“Whatever. I wanna go to sleep now.”

“Need to get some beauty sleep?”

“Yeah, so what?! Now let me get to sleep!”

“Ok ok. Speak to you later.”

“Sure. Bye.”

“Night Night!”



“Ah Matsujun you fool. And you think you have problems.”


“Tegoshi, what should I do?! On the one hand I want Jin to be happy, but on the other hand I really like him. I just wish I could make him happy. I don’t blame Matsumoto or anything, but Jin doesn’t seem to realise the feelings I have for him.”

“Ne, Kame, you keep telling Jin to tell Matsumoto how he feels about him, right?”


“Well, why don’t you tell Jin how you feel about him?”

“But I couldn’t possibly do that. I’d just make a fool of myself, and Jin would probably never even speak to me again.”

“…I really can’t think of anything else though. It’s not as if Matsumoto is taking Jin away though. After all, Matsumoto is being really cold towards Jin.”


“So I can’t see why you can’t just confess.”

“Urgh! Tegoshi! It’s no use. I can’t confess.”

“Then I agree, you are stuck.”


“I’ll be there. 10 O’clock. Yup. See you then.”


“Who was that on the phone?”

“Oh. Hey Ohno-san. It was only Yamaguchi arranging to go surfing this weekend.”

“Oh. Mmm. You’re pretty cool, surfing and stuff. It’s no surprise the girls all fall for you.”

“Eh? Ohno-san, sometimes the way your brain works really amazes me. I can never tell what you’re going to change the subject to.”

“Oh. Anyway, can I sit down here, next to you?”

“Sure. Go ahead.”

“Thanks. Oh boy, I’m really tired.”

“How can you be tired?! You sleep during the TV shows!”

“I most certainly do not!”

“You most certainly do!”

“I don’t! Look! See these bags under my eyes? I hardly get any sleep now-a-days.”

“Oh-chan…don’t come so close to me…”

“Why not? You need to get over your fear of other people sometime.”

“It’s not my fear I’m worried about. Oh-chan…please…I don’t want to do anything to you which I will regret later…”

“Something you will regret?”








“Matsujun…do you want to kiss me?”


“Do you want to kiss me?”

“stop it…it isn’t funny…”

“I’m being serious Jun…do you want to kiss me?”


“Come here”


“mmm...Oh riida...”

“Matsujun, do you always moan this much when someone kisses you? You must moan loads while having sex.”

"Do you wanna find out?"


Firstly kill me because yet again I've started a new fic without finishing the other one.
Secondly kill me because is it me or does Jin come across really angelic, and Jun really horrible?
Thirdly kill me because I did not intend on the Ohno/Jun moment.
Fourthly kill me because I could not escape the Akame...eventhough I hate it.
Fifthly kill me because I can already see the love triangles appearing.
And kill me anyway because I know you wanna :P Plus, I'm rather pessimistic about my fics & I still think they're pretty rubbish. >.<

Right...since you asked very nicely, I shall kill you for everything and the revive you cos OMG I LOVE YOUR FIC LIKE MUCHOS!!! SCRAP THE AKAME! I GO FOR MATSUJIN LIKE TOTALLY K! Right...pls continue soon ne~

LOL Thanks ^_________^


“Oh. But oh my god! Tanaka and Taguchi?! I always thought Tanaka was together with Nakamaru?!”

“He is. But to tell you the truth I think all of KAT-TUN are together with each other.”

XD that pwned me~! KoNo is rabu~! XD

Okay so back to MatsuJin...this is so interesting~! Please continue~!!! (And no I shall not kill you, because angel Jin and devil Jun is awsome~!!!)


(And no I shall not kill you, because angel Jin and devil Jun is awsome~!!!)

...but I so did not want that to happen. Poor Jun, he always ends up being so...erm...evil. Then again, it's hard to imagine Jin being evil. LOL. ^^

kay, you asked for it repeatedly so i'm gonna give it to you straight.

your fic sucked.

srsly, was it intended to be crack or did you mean for it to be an actual story with some kind of romantic plot? the fic was filled with spelling/grammar/punctuation mistakes, your characterizations were way off for everyone (and i do mean everyone), and the entire premise (with all the love triangles) is only believable if you're a sad and deluded little fangirl, which-- whoops, you are. my bad.

i'm glad you think they're 'rubbish' though, because that would make the two of us.

- mh

woah...and I love you too anonymous person who doesn't want to show themselves. :P

Let me just point out that the grammar/punctuation mistakes are there because this is 'speech' and people don't speak in perfect sentences.

first off: these retarded ljs. not everyone bothers to get one. don't want anon comments? lock the damn post.

secondly: work colleges? critised? capitalizing the words jeans and jacket? those aren't mistakes that people would actually make in speech. especially not punctuation mistakes, because you see, those are only made in writing, as in when you're actually typing up the story. you can't express punctuation errors through speech.

lastly: you can get a dozen editors and comb through this shit fic for technical errors and in the end it will still be a piece of shit. that's how off you wrote them.

oh yeah, and i almost forgot. this thing here?

And kill me anyway because I know you wanna :P Plus, I'm rather pessimistic about my fics & I still think they're pretty rubbish. >.<

all i did was agree with you. don't repeatedly ask people to kill you for writing 'rubbish' if you're not expecting anyone to actually leave you a (god forbid) less-than-glowing comment. can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

- mh

Hey hey hey, just a minute, I did not disagree with you or anything. If you don't like the fic that's perfectly fine. Like I said, I personally find I'm rubbish at writing them...but that doesn't mean I'll stop. I just try to improve upon them because I do love writing. So I'm quite grateful for you comment, any comment is better than none.

I'm sorry I'm not an A* at grammar, but the fact is you can understand what I've written, and at the end of the day it's not like I'm getting this published as a book or anything, it's just a bit of fun. But thankyou for telling me about it anyway, I don't really want to fail my English exams in April due to little grammar mistakes do I :)

Oh, there is something else I'd like to add though. I'm all ok with your comments about the fic, but this: is only believable if you're a sad and deluded little fangirl, which-- whoops, you are. my bad.
really has nothing to do with the fic and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't know if it is true of not. Therefore it's not a very nice thing to say and I hope you don't go around often throwing such assumptions at other people.
If your wondering how I thought up such a storyline, it's called imagination, and I'm sure more people that just 'sad, deluded little fangirls' have it.

I really enjoyed reading this~
Great Job!!


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