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Walking Club - 5/?

Title: Walking Club - 5/?
Rating: PG
Pairing: eventual ohmiya, sakuraiba, matsuba .. in a way
Summary: The coming school year is going to bring changes to every aspect of their lives: family, school, social. But if there's one thing you can always rely on, it's the walking club.
Notes: You can find previous chapters here.

The following Saturday, Jun, Aiba, and Sho showed up on Nino's doorstep. Ohno was the one to let them in, having become the impromptu Ninomiya butler over the past few days. While the family was definitely on an upward curve after what had happened earlier in the week, there was still a pall cast over the household that Ohno was doing his very best to lift. He felt it was a good sign when, as they were getting some supplies down at the department store, Nino bought Ohno a fake, plastic bowtie to wear in his new position.

Sho remarked that Nino's room was the cleanest it had ever been and that was probably true. All Ohno could really think to do to bring his friend back to normal were things done in routines. And in that, all he could really think of was cleaning. Ohno hadn't counted but the room had definitely been cleaned at least once a day, if not twice. Nino's games were alphabetized and organized by system and genre. All Nino's clothes were actually in a drawer or the closet. There was a place for each of them to sit.

Nino told them all a halting story of what had happened the day he stood Ohno up. He had bought some groceries down at the Discount Market on his way home, just a few vegetables and a bag of rice, and let himself in, per the norm. When he noisily announced his presence, he hadn't heard any answer. Upon entering the kitchen, all he saw was his mother, crying. When he couldn't get a response out of her, he noticed the piece of paper on the table. The next thing he knew, Ohno was there.

Everyone listened sympathetically but when the story had ended, there wasn't much to say. A silence hung over the room, everyone feeling a bit too awkward to talk. After a minute or so of uncomfortable stillness, Nino broke into a grin.

"So, I hear Aiba and Jun are a thing now?" Nino's tone was playful and his eyes had a hint of mischief in them. Aiba was both scared and grateful for it.

"......yeah," Aiba admitted, turning his face away from all of his friends, still very much embarrassed by the attention of this. Jun just smiled smugly and put his arm around Aiba's shoulders, much to Aiba's surprise.

"Yeah," he smiled, "we are."

"Do I have to give you two The Talk?"

Aiba and Sho sputtered.

"I think we know the ins and outs, thanks," Jun replied, a smirk on his face. Nino just nodded in response, the hint of his evil grin ghosting the corners of his mouth.


Nino was back to school the next week, acting as if nothing had ever happened. This didn't really surprise anyone. The only change was that Nino now had to leave their after school activities a little early as he had taken on a part time job down at the bento shop. He claimed it was for spending money but everyone knew it was for rent. Part time jobs were illegal at their school but no one spoke a word.

Ohno, too, had begun to leave a little early after class. He had thrown himself into preparing his art portfolio now that he didn't really have to worry about Nino as much. He would come to school exhausted (well, more than normal) every day but everyone knew that there would be way of getting him to calm down about it. Once Ohno had decided on something, he was fairly adamant about getting it. He was also good at blocking out everything other than his goal.

Which is how the others were pretty sure he managed to not notice the wistful looks Nino had started to give him at lunch.


"It's been a month," Aiba whined at Jun in the library one afternoon. The others had left early for jobs, applications and studying, leaving the happy couple the afternoon to themselves. Nino had told them to wear a rubber. Aiba took that as a breaking point.

"Yes?" Jun blinked up at him, not understanding how stating a fact proved any kind of point.

"It's been a month and Sho hasn't even batted an eye. I don't think your plan is working, Jun," Aiba huffed, collapsing into a chair.

"It's working, Aiba. It's just not magically fast, like you want it to be. He's getting annoyed. Annoyance is a mild form of jealousy." Aiba didn't look convinced. "It is. I promise you, it may take a few months, but this plan will definitely work. Just give it time."

Aiba nodded, acquiescing. After all, even if it was taking forever, at least he got to hang out with Jun. After a second, he smiled.

"So, Jun-tan, do you want to go get dinner? I want pizza~!"

They spent the next four hours at Fracasso, eating pizza and planning Operation: Make Sho Jealous.


The months passed quickly and it was soon time for Ohno to turn in his college applications. When they had all been sent in, the five had a congratulatory party ("But I haven't been accepted yet!" "It's only a matter of time.") full of food and drinks and dirty jokes (most from Nino directed at Jun and Aiba and partly at Sho because Nino loved how red Sho's face got even though he wasn't involved). Ohno was forced to make a speech (after Nino's overly-enthusiastic cheering got them a short talking-to from the hostess) and he thanked all of them for putting up with him over the past few months. They all told him that it was no big deal, that he was going to do fine, that it was only a matter of time until they were visiting him in Asakusa. Ohno smiled and laughed and slipped an arm around Nino's shoulder.

Nino blushed.


Aiba sauntered in to lunch one afternoon, a spring in his step. He had seen Sho send Jun a dirty look that morning when he had noticed Jun's hand in Aiba's back pocket. Maybe Jun was right. Maybe this just needed patience.

Ohno and Nino were already there, chatting about some tv show that Ohno had seen the night before and Jun joined them shortly thereafter. After a few minutes, the absence of Sho was duly noted.

"Sho's always the first one here," Ohno blinked, confused.

"Maybe he had to study?" Jun shrugged.

"Maybe he finally eloped with the dictionary," Nino mumbled through some rice. Aiba gave him a sour look that was quickly interrupted by the opening of the classroom door.

"Sho!" Aiba smiled, turning in his seat. His joy was short-lived, though, as he saw the person next to the older boy.

The girl was slight, long black hair cascading down her back and her shiny eyes taking in everyone's faces. She giggled a little at everyone's slack-jawed expressions. He laugh tinkled lightly, femininely and her pretty silver earrings glittered with the motion of her laugh.

"Everyone," Sho coughed, "you know Emi. From today, she's going to join Walking Club."


Sorry this chapter took so long, everyone. I'm on vacation right now (Golden Week!) but that just means that I've been doing a lot of sight-seeing and have been getting really tired. I'll try and start Chapter Six, soon. Maybe it'll even be done by the end of the week? We'll see. In other news, dun dun duuuuuun. Walking Club is No Girls Allowed (or so we thought). Enjoy~
Tags: g: arashi, r: pg, x: au

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