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Plans Go Awry

Title: Plans Go Awry
Rating: PG
Summary: Daisuke's scheming and his parents just want a vacation
Note: The 4th in my Daisuke series. If you have no idea what a Daisuke is, check here. I have at least three more Daisuke fic prompts in my head right now so there shouldn't be as long a pause between them this time. Oh, and if anyone has ideas for Daisuke, please let me know. I'm all ears for this boy. :)

Daisuke usually didn’t have too much trouble playing his parents against each other. He knew each one’s quirks. He knew it took only mentioning how much he wanted to go somewhere to get Ohpoppa on his side and he knew the only thing he really need to tell Dad was that it would let him spend more time alone with Ohpoppa. That always worked for reasons Daisuke didn’t fully understand and didn’t really care to.

This weekend was turning out to be a problem, though. He had told Ohpoppa countless times that he really wanted to go over to a friend’s house to have a movie marathon. It was a school friend and yes, he knew that he usually wasn’t allowed to spend the night but this was a special occasion and didn’t Ohpoppa want to take advantage of the situation and take Dad out, maybe to an onsen or something?

Ohno never really was much of a match for his son and quickly relented. Daisuke, in an act that anyone could see clearly proved that he was very much Nino’s child, had already prepared several pamphlets of the closest onsens to their home. He had even circled prices and had arranged them from most desirable to least. Feeling content to let the weekend seem more than a pipe dream, he wandered off to play video games and let Ohpoppa take care of Dad.


“There is no way. He’s not old enough. Have we even met this friend? What movies are they going to watch? I will not allow it.” Nino’s tirade had been anticipated by both spouse and son. After allowing him time to calm down, Ohno tried once again to appease his partner, finally pulling out the pamphlets their son had prepared for them.

Nino perused them slowly, eyes peering over the pages and every once in awhile, glancing towards the room he knew his son currently occupied, along with his Playstation. As much as he didn’t like it, he had to admit he was proud of the brat. This act was worthy of a Ninomiya son. And for that alone, he agreed.

Expecting a call every three hours before eleven.


“I’m glad we decided to do this, Kazu,” Ohno said lazily from the window seat. They had only been at the onsen for a little over two hours but it clearly agreed with Ohno. He had immediately changed into the yukata and spread his things about, excited for the next couple days. While his life hadn’t been what one would call busy for years, Ohno could appreciate a vacation as much as the next guy. And with a ten year old son, it wasn’t often he got time alone with Nino.

Nino smiled at him from the table. The man was currently involved in the task of pouring himself a glass of water as he had already intoned he would not consume alcohol until after Daisuke’s last call of the night. He wanted all his wits about him, in case he had to yell at his boy.

The two were just considering a dip in the baths when they heard Ohno’s phone ringing. Ohno was fully intent on letting it ring, thoughts more on the fact that Nino was currently changing than what he was sure would only be his son saying that all was well and he’d call again at eight. Nino, over-protective parent that he was, however, rushed to the phone, sleeve dangling behind him.

“Daisuke? What movies have you watched? Don’t tell me you’re bored already?” the words spilled from his mouth. Ohno came up behind him, smiled, and laid his hands on his shoulders to calm his nerves. Nino’s brow furrowed, however, and he shook his husband off.

“The hospital? Yes, I’m Ninomiya Kazunari. What about Daisuke? He what? We will be right there!” And the phone was tossed in Ohno’s bag, discarded and forgotten. Ohno, worried and confused, looked to Nino as the younger man searched around the room for the few things they would need.

“Kazu? What happened?” Nino turned around, a look of worry and annoyance on his face.

“Daisuke lied, that’s what happened.”


“I’m all right, you guys. Really, I’m fine. It’s just a little burn. They over reacted! I’ll be totally fine and I’ll go to school on Monday and it’ll be just like this never, ever happened! Don’t even worry about me. Go back to the inn,” Daisuke was pleading with all of his might, visions of his future grounding dancing in his head. He couldn’t be grounded; he was supposed to challenge Ryo for the title of champion of the arcade next Friday. Seeing his father’s face, though, he was pretty sure all hopes of that should be thrown out the window.

“Grounded. Indefinitely. We will not talk about this now,” was all Dad could manage through clenched teeth. Ohpoppa didn’t look all that sympathetic, either. Daisuke pouted but was aware he kind of deserved it. He was just worried for the guy in the bed next to him as he watched his parents move towards it.

“What did you think you were doing?” Dad asked, eyes narrowed. “You almost killed our child.”

“And you ruined our weekend!” Ohpoppa spoke up to add in, annoyance in his voice for once.

“It was an accident!” Aiba whined. “We were just trying to see if you could make a working miniature hot air balloon out of popsicle sticks.” He paused. “You can’t.”

“Why didn’t you tell us you wanted to go to your Uncle Aiba’s for the weekend, Daisuke?” Ohpoppa asked him.

“Cause you would have said no,” Daisuke muttered back.

“And why didn’t you tell us our son was at your house this weekend, Masaki?” Dad asked sarcastically.

“Cause you would have come and picked him up,” Aiba answered dejectedly.

“No more experiments. No more secret science weekends. And you buy us dinner for two weeks, Aiba. And then maybe we’ll forgive you.”

“Ne, Kazu,” Ohpoppa looked at Dad suddenly, “they aren’t getting released for another day, are they?” Dad looked at release a nurse had handed them.

“No, they aren’t.” The words were punctuated with glares towards the burn victims.

“Then there’s no harm in going back to the onsen for the night. We can come get them tomorrow. And a nice bath will calm our nerves,” Ohpoppa had already snaked a hand around Dad’s stomach. Dad considered this and slowly melted against Ohpoppa.

“Good idea, Satoshi,” he replied in a much softer tone than Daisuke had heard in the past few hours. He turned back to the two patients. “We’ll be back tomorrow. Don’t even think anything scientific.” And he grabbed Ohpoppa’s hand and led him out.

“Uncle Aiba?” Daisuke felt the need to ask.


“Why are they so insistent on going to the onsen? I mean, it’s just an open-air bath. I’m sure it’s nice for a little bit but is it really that much worth it?”

Aiba thought for a second, able to suppress his need to blurt everything out to his young nephew due to the little bit of maturity he had acquired with age.

“Daisuke, there’s some things about biology you are too young to know.”
Tags: g: arashi, r: pg, x: au, x: humor

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