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Drama: Maou
Title :Of Threats and Challenges
Author :Zan
Rating :PG
Genre : one shot
Warnings: I dunno, should Ohno in the shower come with a health advisory?? ^_~

Disclaimer: I do not own Ikuta Toma nor Arashi, although Arashi may have adopted Ikuta Toma ... this is fiction written for fun, not profit and for love!

A/N : This goes with much Loveand a huge Thank you my dearest ditch_gospel for the beta and also for being encouraging always. This came from a Saiyuki, Hakkai/Gojyo prompt over at springkink comm.
This also goes to kit-chan, cam and emilenshook ...sorry girls its too late at night and I'm too lazy! Gomen! As always with much love.

Of Threats and Challenges by zan

Toma wandered into their dressing room, thankful for the break in between scenes. He sat on the armchair, stretched his lithesome legs, and rested his feet on the coffee table. He leant his head back and shut his eyes. It was some minutes before he was aware of the soft patter of the shower. He blinked his eyes open and rubbed the tiredness from them. He could not help himself, but he found himself drawn to the sound, as he slowly stood and took the few small steps towards the bathroom just off to the side of the room. The shower stall was enclosed by frosted glass and it was not the first time this had happened, but there the man was showering, yet again with the shower door just that slightly ajar. He felt like one of those fan-girls the writers put that shower scene in for, that first episode.

His mouth dropped open slightly, the air drying his throat and through the rising steam and that sliver, he caught sight of a back... Ohno was pale below the neck but not alabaster pale. He caught glimpses of the damp hair, dark and glistening with the wet, the toned arms were well defined but not bulky … Toma could see the divots down his spine and he observed how thin Ohno was. He noted to himself that he ought to insist a little more strongly when it was time to eat. Like being magnetised his eyes wandered lower, he licked his lips in instinctive appreciation and swallowed. He felt a little dizzy and in a small corner of his mind, he understood the need for people to ‘just want’ to touch that ass. As it was, he was feeling a little that way inclined himself. He swallowed again and blinked several times to quell the urge.

“You know he does that on purpose.” Toma nearly died. “He is the very devil, sent here to tempt,” was the breathy, slightly threatening hiss in his ear.

Toma felt his ears burn, his cheeks warm, nose to nose with what might well be a feral fox. Caught completely unawares, Toma had no choice but to take a step backwards from Ninomiya Kazunari. Whether it was fan-service or not, the ownership that blazed in those eyes was unmistakable.

“Ahh! No, no – you are quite mistaken,” Toma managed to stammer out. “I wanted to use the bathroom and just only realised HE was in there.”

He turned on his heel and walked as calmly as he could back to his seat. The mantra played in his head “Walk, don’t run. Walk, don’t run.” A single raised eyebrow was all the reaction he received, as if both parties acknowledged the lie.

“So what brings you here Nino?” Toma asked as he flicked away at imaginary flecks of dust on his trousers. In his head he asked, “Didn’t anyone ever tell you to knock on doors before entering?”

“Hey Nino!” Ohno's happy but tired voice surprised them both. “You’re here already?”

This time they were both open-mouthed; Ohno had just a towel wrapped round his waist, too thin again, noted Toma. The sheen of moisture coated his skin, wet hair stuck to his forehead, the muted fragrance of the cedar, sandalwood soap - Ohno said was a gift from MatsuJun – wafted over fresh clean skin and Toma swore there was an aura about him. Toma’s senses absorbed all and his mind tried to shake his head clear of it all … a catch 22. All the while Nino next to him did not have an excuse because he should be used to it by now.

“I’ll just get dressed quick and then we can go,” Ohno beamed at the both of them, seemingly oblivious.

“Hai, Kyapten.” Nino answered, “I’ll wait by the car ‘kay?”

They were alone again. Nino tilted his head up toward Toma and looked at him with pursed lips.

“You know,” Nino whispered conspiratorially, “you want to be careful with that one.”

It was Toma’s turn to give the raised eyebrows.

“He likes playing with fire,” Nino said almost laughingly. “Oh and I found this,” he said handing a card to him. “You guys should be more careful with your props.” With that, Nino walked out the door.

“Is that a friendly warning … or something else again?” Toma’s unspoken question was to the retreating back.

“Did you say something?” The hand on his shoulder made him jump. Toma could only dumbly shake his head. “Ahh then I will bid you good evening and have a good night.”

Toma nodded as he sank slowly into the armchair in the silence that deafened him. He tried to prepare for his next scene as he pondered over the card in his hand – *the Seven of Wands.

(801 words of SaToma and OhMiya love triangles)

*footnote - the source I use tells me that this card means to be up to/for a challenge and the wands are fire cards...also reversed ... it means surviving a threat ... ^_~ which works fine from either Nino's or Toma's point of view.

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Hee! This is adorable! I love your Nino, so mocking and cheerful and dangerous. &hearts!

ooh that's superfast ... *blushes* coming from an author I much admire that is a compliment indeed. ^______^

Thank you.

(Deleted comment)
I like how Nino's played out involved, yet really something else...I imagine him like the little bad angel on Toma's shoulder, whispering... - Nino you bad little angel! ^__^

Thank ytou for your words ... too kind as always.

*loves you back tonnes* - Partay with the SaToNari or it could be IkuNoMiya ... or ... *ok I'll shut up now... ^_^*

YAY!!! This really fit into Blurry-verse :D THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! your Nino is just perfect!

I know it just does fits doesn't it.

You're welcome and thank YOU for liking my Nino ... Nino is hard for me to do. SO thats a real compliment. *loves*

(Deleted comment)
thank you for loving it.

who can resist that sexy butt XDDDD
and ohno's shower scene description was PURFECT XDDDD

Ohno in a shower ... resistance is futile ... prepare to be assimilated!!!

uhmm ^___^ thank you

Ooo I loved it...the shower scenes in Maou were an unexpected delight XD I don't think Nino thinks it's fanservice lol Toma resist the temptation that is Riida's butt~

I don't think he resisted ... ^_~ ... ut's just that Nino appeared and Toma just wanted to live another day to be able to appreciate said butt some more!

Shower scenes were like bonus!!!

Thank you for reading. ^__^

Lol. This was really good. The light OhMiya is just enough and its that you didnt overdo it that made thsi fic so good.

Thank you, for the kind words. Comments like yours are love!!

Finally another Maou FF I managed to catch! :D.

Mem-ing this, will read it later when I finish my classes today :D

And *hugs* for writing this :D.

*aahh hugs back* - I hope it does not disappoint when you get to read it thank YOU!

omg oh-chan in the shower, peeping!toma, and stunned-by-oh-chan-hotness!nino.

this was great. i loved the double meaning to the card.

“'You know he does that on purpose.' Toma nearly died. 'He is the very devil, sent here to tempt,' was the breathy, slightly threatening hiss in his ear."

hahaha YES!!!

Yes evil sneaky Nino!!!

Thank you for your kind words.

BWA HAHA I love it! The shower scenes in Maou also left me incapacitated. Toma cannot resist! Nino popping up out of nowhere and giving a cryptic warning was priceless. Sent here to tempt, indeed XD

This was hot. ;D

yes the next time Ohno does a drama (I just typed in Maou there by the way!!!) it will be a prerequisite to have a shower scene written in!!

Nino ninja'd his way into the fic by the way ... just like Toma he surprised me too. He is sneaky like that.

Thank you. *huggles*

this was wonderful. I think it actually woke me up some..perhaps it was the mention of the Ohno shower ne? XDD anyhow great job I enjoyed it

thank you! Ohno in the shower is the best thing to make anyone want to wake up. ^_^

(no subject) - amethystdream3, 2008-10-10 01:31 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Yay! I'm happy to see it up so fast. Hee, poor Toma! *grin*

I know you gotta feel sorry for him. So confused and Nino ...sneaking up on us all like that ... I swear he just snuck up on me too!

You helped me make this better! You're awesome you! *hugs hearts and love*


I lovelovelove feral fox!Nino!!!!

“You know he does that on purpose.” Toma nearly died. “He is the very devil, sent here to tempt,” was the breathy, slightly threatening hiss in his ear.

Toma felt his ears burn, his cheeks warm, nose to nose with what might well be a feral fox.

*dies of happeeeeeee*

I was having this surreal moment of " . . . but? OHMIYA??? Tohno??? But . . . it's Zan, and . . ."

And then right on cue, Nino entered in all his possessive mockery&hearts

And you know what else I love? The little insight that Ohno is not in fact, oblivious.

is happy happy happy!

I got distracted in the evil office and didn't remember to come back until now, and . . . it just made my afternoon Thank you!!!

*mems while squeeing*

*waves, still squeeing*

Edited at 2008-10-10 09:29 pm (UTC)

tyou're much too kind but yes I'm still me!

I love my Ohno! I love you!!! heee!

Showerscenes are terribly underrated.

Every fic needs one. Or at least, a nekkid Ohno.

*fans self*

A nekkid Ohno is a lovely Ohno (not that he isn't lovely anyways) ... you have a nice weekend now and thank you for reading. ^__^

*goes doki doki* Ah, Ohno san. Nino seems right though, about Ohno being the devil sent to tempt. Nyahahhaa.

Whew! It sure is hot in here, isn't it Toma? XD

Thanks for sharing this!

*fans Toma as well* - You're welcome ... thank YOU for reading and commenting! ^_____^

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