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Drama: Maou
Title :Twilight In Between
Author :Zan
Rating :G
Genre :Poetry, formless such as it is
Warnings:Vague spoilers for the whole series, I guess.

Disclaimer: Naruse Ryou, Naoto Serizawa and all characters belong to the TBS drama Maou and their respective creators. Not written for profit, but written to shake off Naruse's hold on my brain.

Author's Note: This is for my wonderful friends ditch_gospel, flange5, and also the little group of Maou ficcers, you girls know who you are. I hope this meets with all of your approvals. It isn't much I know. I humbly apologise.

Twilight In Between by zan

Red – river of life
Bleeding, giving out
Birthing sound and voice to rage

Time – flying
Losing hope meaning truth
A twisted, turned humanity

Sunlight cast shadows
Deep and dark
Keeping counselled secrets of the heart


Feet beat pounding
Pavements chasing lost
Looking to assuage the guilt

A cadence slowly
Surely tapping out
Revenge purposefully built

Running fast
Walking measured steps
Crescendo to forgiving silence


Dawn is breaking grey
As rain hits a tinny tune
Coming down in sheets

Heavy lidded – eyes stare out
Solemn windows
Woeful, into the rain

The sun breaks a little lighter
Softly water gentles out a breeze

Lashes darkly sweep
Upon a pallid cheek,
Tracking tracing salt


Dancing breaking
Foam crests flutters souls
In light life free from grief and pain
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Rar! I love this style a lot, partially because it IS so vague. *hugs* Very nice!

Ahh thank you! *hugs back*

I was wondering if it would work for people to read though because it is quite abstract. But I am glad you do like it. Eee! *is happy*

sorry 'm late with the beta, RL kind of ate my time this week

I think it works out just fine :)

Oh, don't worry! RL is holding me hostage too. XD

Yay! You wrote more Maoh poetry. \(^.^)/

I think the second one is my favourite. I love the way you've overlapped the two in the final verse there.

Number three I recognize, and I still think it's lovely!

Put together, the four pieces tell the story, from buildup, to desperation, to grief, to peace.

Ah, what a wonderful set of poems, I enjoyed them very much. And thank you so much for the dedication, dear. You're too sweet! *hugs*

Thank you. I was determined to write some more, well partly because you liked the first one... and I was worried about letting people down with it because it might seem a little abstract, but I am glad you could see that I was trying to piece the story through it.

You are always encouraging ... ^__^ and I was missing you too, so this was a special kind of hello for you Hee!

*hugs back*

Maou poem is love. I say more!

Thank YOU! For reading and loving it!

I will try to write some more.

You're welcome! Maou is just such good material for poems. I wish there were more maou poems around.

(Deleted comment)
Please don't cry! *hands over tissues*

*blushes* Thank you.


Zan! I love the second one; I'm with Ditch^^ The feet pretty much lay out their ways of dealing with their positions and relationship, and having them meet, and then mirror each other in the end . . . (*wibbly with Maou-love*)

And moar happy free butterfly love, I say! ^^; (Ignore me; today's the day I teach back to back, and I'm a little punchy--we did the Miller's Tale today \o/)


Lashes darkly sweep
Upon a pallid cheek,
Tracking tracing salt

*breaks just a little*

I do so enjoy your writing, prose and petry&hearts

And you too, of course ^_^ *glomps*


I am lost lost in a sea of the best kind of therapy for the world's ills ...

MMA, ANS and you are so much love for bringing them to me ... my next hundred arashi/maou/58 fics will be dedicated to you ... ^___^

I watched the first of the discs in tears from the love ... I was like oh my really this is for meeee!!!

oh oh Much awesomeness that you are ...

also ILY lots and oh ... you always say the nicest things about the things I write. ^__^

Thank you just doesn't seem to cut it. *hugs*


I knew you would love it&hearts. It really is pretty much happy sparkly therapy, only much cheaper and more effective ^_~ And generally re-watchable ^^

You are very very welcome to it ^^ And more as it becomes available. I was lots of fun for me \o/

And it's pretty much the way a feel about your writing, so I think it's a pretty fair trade ^_~

much love and *hugs*


Ah now that I have the time to sit down and read it properly. It is vague and abstract, but in a good way I think. I don't know much about poetry, but I do like the feel and mood of it; very atmospheric. And how it makes me feel, a little sad and conflicted but hopeful at the end. You shouldn't worry, it's lovely in its way :)

i've finally finished maou :D
will be able to read all your fics and poetries soon~

very pretty poem.
angry-ish, which makes sense.

In light life free from grief and pain
i wish you that, naruse.

did this manage to loosen naruse's grip on your brain?

i liked the detached feeling of the words, that mean so much when they are looked at alone.

well done, well done :D

Thank you! *blushes* you really are too kind!


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