Maou: the dying and the damned
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Fandom: Maou
Title : Under the Cut. This IS A SPOILER WARNING
Rating :G
Genre :Naruse thinking thoughts


Disclaimer: Naruse Ryou, Naoto Serizawa and all characters belong to the TBS drama Maou and their respective creators. Not written for profit, but written to shake off Naruse's hold on my brain. And I apologise for the poor attempt at form thus making it formless. Humbly.

We close our eyes Upon the lives we chose by Zan

Really, I guess I never understood you.
Really, I guess I never gave myself a chance to.

How fast this blood cools
How fast it clots and pools
I doubt we will see it brown.
Even as the heart slows down
I am bleeding out
I am reaching out
Can I lean against you a little?
I feel my eyes, heavy lidded
We will sit here awhile
To ponder tomorrow’s aisle

O here!
A souvenir
There in the middle is a bend
There in the middle is a dent
Someone in a rush away
Left this thing that day
You do not want it perhaps
Never mind, your hand over it I wrap
Somewhere – it will keep us company
Over the Rainbow – together on our journey

Are you sleepy too?
It is fine if you do
Sleep – I mean, rest
That can only be for the best
As I too close my eyes
I wonder exactly where tomorrow lies
Forever taken from us never
Yesterday for us becomes never
The truths and lies inconsequential
Only the smallest differential

Only at the end, I think you see
Too late I grasp, you understood me

(193 words To an End)

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The end is not fair. Too many unfortunate accidents and everything... everything was just too late.
Your fic, though it's too poetic for me, was very nice, and the last words struck the heart completely. Really good T___T

Aahh thank you. I am sure, it is poetic just enough for you, just right. That you could see it so.

Thank you for reading and the kind words.

Ah, I meant by poetic that I don't really like poetic form, but you're right, it was the amount I can like and understand, nicely written too.

Thank you for writing this too!

Too little, too late indeed. Finally both of them grasp realization.

Wonderful as always my darling ^^.

Thank you again for your kind words ... at this rate my head is going to explode from the sheer bigheaded-ness you know ...and it won't be pretty!!!

^__^ *hugs*

ps - did you see I put in differential!!! har we can be Math dorks together!!!

You're a marvelous writter you need more LOVE.



So I cried. And Boy was sleeping and woke up and " . . .?" at me . . .

I will have to watch it again next week . . .

I really want to marathon but I may need a couple of weeks to recover first . . .

Oh, silly me. The above is lovely. The shot of Naruse with his head on Naoto's shoulder . . .


The kindest thing I think he did was not tell Naoto that he was dying himself. I can't really talk about it any more tonight . . . but all day, at inappropriate moments in the wedding or at the reception, I kept flashing back to it and the tragedy. Kasai's death . . . was really sad to me . . .

Though what's kind of awesome is that with Noriyoshil, Daddy and Naoto dead . . . doesn't that leave Mari as an heiress? Not that it matters or anything, or that she would want it, but she's the only one left.

I'm assuming that last flash Shiori had let her know what had happened at the end. Otherwise, it was a little weird and gimmicky . . . the butterflies were . . . surprisingly effective. I would have thought they were more cheesy, but somehow it didn't come off that way.

. . .

must go now, but I hope your day is going well . . . and that you're recovering from Maou >_<

2 more flights, and I will be home--where I will get to work so I can be ready for class on Monday morning . . .

*megahugs for you&hearts*

I was a complete mess. I think I must have started to tear up already about the time where Naoto's boss speaks to Naruse and he does that swallowing thing.

By the time we got to the Hamlet/Laertes duel crossovers with Romeo/Juliet death scene, I was a quivering and total mess. Thank goodness it was four in the morning and I didn't alarm the children or anything.

That last shot was sheer wonderfulness. They looked so happy and at peace and the close up with the harmonica in Naoto's hand ...

The butterflies was a lovely thing too, not overdone, because it drove home even more the poignancy of the story.

The butterflies . . . should have been cheesy, and just weren't --probably because we were so desperate for peace, and then an imagery that suggests release and . . . communion between them, or harmony--that they're free but decide to fly together . . . damn it, wibbling again

Must get ready before in-laws return . . .

*hugs and love*

I just watched it last night (episode eleven that is) I still can't get over it either. Just thinking about it brings me to the verge of tears (and sometimes I just start crying)

Did writing this help? Because I'm crying again reading it. I really think it deserves a place among the great tragedies of history, it was completely different because neither of them really "won" in the end. Any other ending might have disappointed me but I'm still grieving over it.

*Sigh* It was a pretty little fic (even if I should have waited a few more days before reading it)

See my above reply ...yes I was a complete mess.

Also tragedy yes... again see reply above. The end was fitting and at least they found peace and at least it was closure for both of them.

Writing this helped a little ... I was melancholic a lot yesterday.

Thank you, and I'm sorry for making you cry again ... although that in itself is the best comment I could ever get.

It's really the same here, I'm having a lot of trouble pretending nothing is wrong when I'm around other people . . . this may take a while *sigh*

I've been unable to write fluff after watching it so maybe I'll write some angst and see if it helps.

Don't worry about it, I'm sure all the tears will be worth it once I get over this feeling of desolation and despondency ^^

I'm crying now, and I'm so glad I got to see this right after; it's quite a bit of comfort, somehow.

This is just beautiful, I savoured this, there are no other words for it. It fits so perfectly, somehow. It carries the weight of tears, and yet it helps a little too, with mine.

It's lovely.

Thank you for reading. Writing it helped too.

Thank you for the lovely comment.

Lovely. <3

thank you. ^_^

(Deleted comment)
Thank you for those kind and lovely words.

I did write another piece here if you haven't already read it.

And thank you for reading.

This icon will have to do for now...I need a sad!Naruse one! (I just finished the last ep like 5 minutes shocking and heartwrenching. Oh Naruse...*tear*)

Now, my goodness, this poem was gorgeous. You've captured all his thoughts, all his regret. Wow.

"Only at the end, I think you see
Too late I grasp, you understood me"


*hands over tissues* - I hope you're ok. As I've said to other people I was a wreck after that too ..even now sometimes I get melancholic thinking about it.

... and ... *blushes* - thank you my dear, you are too kind.

yes, I'm ok. I didn't sob "too" much; I was mostly jumping up and down and screaming at my computer. XD But what got me really bad was Papa Serizawa crying over Noriyoshi (I teared up here like you wouldn't believe) and then Naruse screaming at Naoto to kill him... :( :( :( I couldn't have asked for a better ending, though.

hee, what can I say, I love poetry!

That was beautiful. I did tear a bit at the dad crying over his dead son, and your poem ended nicely, letting Manaka Tomoo's personality shine through like a rainbow... and then fade.

Oh, and we're back :D

Ooh, i think it's just me because my sleepy brain read it in a sing-song way, i see this as an angst song

the ending has a huge impact.
'too late... understood me'

zan, the poet!

i didn't cry at the end, but my heart ached so much that i had to write a fic to quell my despair, so we're quits. XDDD

i loved this. i loved that it beautifully summarised the death scene. i still can't get over that scene! it's raw and painful and a day old!!!


One of the things I loved about Maou was how much a Shakespearen Tragedy feel was imbued in it the scene was soo Romeo and Juliet death scene ^_~

Thank you! Those are kind words indeed.


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