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A Night Out

Title: A Night Out
Rating: PG
Summary: What happens when you ask Uncle Jun to babysit
Note: After a long pause, another Daisuke fic! If you don't know what I'm talking about, check these.

Daisuke liked his life. His parents loved him, he had all the video games a boy could dream of, and he was allowed to slack off at home as long as he passed all his classes at school. His parents were pretty cool with anything he did, for the most part. He knew he was missing out on a lot of the stress other kids in his class went through and he was seriously grateful to his two fathers for raising him as a normal kid and not a salary man not yet in the world.

Really, he knew that his parents were possibly the best a boy could ask for and that he should be grateful for everything they did for him and not question any of their decisions. He knew that.

Staring Uncle Jun in the eye while said man held a container of black nail polish, however, was making Daisuke question all of his preconceived notions of child abuse.

It all had started when Ohpoppa had gotten an invitation in the mail. Some of his artwork was being considered for a new exhibition in some famous art museum down in a fashionable district of Tokyo that Daisuke thought he might have been to once and they wanted Ohpoppa (and a guest) to come to the opening. Ohpoppa hadn’t been sure (it was a school night, after all) but Dad had seemed really excited about it, exclaiming things about getting out and painting the town and he had a glint in his eye that Daisuke knew meant trouble for his mild-mannered parent.

It was soon decided that they would be going (and buying new and expensive clothes to wear, as Dad had said something about ‘showing off how well Ohmiya ages’ or something to that effect). Daisuke knew he wouldn’t be left alone; someone had to make sure he did his homework. All three in the family knew that, without a prod on Wednesday nights, Daisuke would completely forget and end up leveling in Final Fantasy VXII or something. The real question was who would not be busy.

Daisuke had hoped for Uncle Sho. Uncle Sho was really easy into cajoling into doing his homework for him. He just got so fed up by how slow Daisuke was that he would go “oh, it’s not that hard!” and soon the sheet would be completed, Sho would be embarrassed and take them out for ice cream. Daisuke loved when Uncle Sho came over. Sadly, however, Uncle Sho was filming a variety program across town Wednesday and wouldn’t be able to make it over in time.

Aiba was Daisuke’s next choice. Homework never got done with Aiba but lots of candy would be eaten, experiments would be planned (and sometimes carried out), and general fun would be had. Sure, sometimes Daisuke wondered how Aiba had managed to live so long with the sense the man had, but it was always a good time with Aiba. Again, though, Aiba turned out to be in Madagascar or somewhere, hunting an elusive blue lion turtle … or something.

Which left the current situation: Uncle Jun, nail polish, and Daisuke’s utter lack of the skill of saying “no, thank you.”

Daisuke loved his Uncle Jun; really, he did. Uncle Jun was the only one that didn’t put up with anything Dad would throw at him. In fact, he was the only person Daisuke had ever seen really get mad at his father. Knowing that at least some fear was able to touch his father’s heart was valuable information for Daisuke. Plus, Uncle Jun always had good advice about girls.

But Uncle Jun also kind of dressed like a girl. And had no qualms about subjecting his young “nephew” to any whim that jumped into that pretty, pretty head of his.

When were his dads getting home?


“The look on that waiter’s face was priceless!”

“You know, we’re not young anymore, Nino. I don’t think we should be doing those things in public…”

“Aw, you’re just embarrassed because the last time we—“

The sight that met their eyes as they made their way into the living room cut off the softly bickering parents. Jun sat on the couch, looking rather pleased with himself, three of his seven rings glittering almost threateningly. That wasn’t what had stopped them, though.

In the middle of the room, in clear humiliation, stood what they thought was once their son. A pink sweater tied around his shoulders, a purple turtleneck underneath, jeans with …was that a skirt? over them, Daisuke looked at his parents forlornly. His fingers sparkled in the same way Jun’s had since they’d known him. Dear God, did he have makeup on?

“Jun,” Nino observed, “you do realize that when I say ‘are you free to babysit Daisuke Wednesday?’, it does not mean ‘my son no longer likes to wear boy clothes’, right?”

Ohno giggled.

“I look like Hikari from next door,” Daisuke muttered. Ohno let out a laugh but quickly suppressed it.

“He looks good!” Jun replied, indignantly. “All the Shibuya kids are wearing it.”

“Daisuke’s 10,” Nino said dryly, before making a motion to his son that it would be all right to escape to the safety of his room. Daisuke skittered away as quickly as possible without being rude, a “see you, Uncle Jun!” thrown in for good measure.

“Whatever,” Jun mumbled as he grabbed his things. “Someday, that kid will thank me.”

“I’m sure he will,” Nino said as soothingly as possible, somehow not managing to sound mocking (although Ohno was pretty sure mocking was how it was coming through in Nino’s head). “Thank you again for watching Daisuke. We had a nice night.” He smiled and squeezed Ohno’s hand with a small smile.

“Anytime,” Jun said sincerely. “Have a good night. See you next Sunday for dinner with the gang?”

“We’ll be there,” Ohno replied. They waved goodbye to former youngest member of their family and closed the door.

There was a beat of silence.

“Think we should go check on Hikari-chan?”

Ohno laughed in response.
Tags: g: arashi, r: pg, x: au, x: humor

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