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All the way ... 2.2 KOYATO SIDE CHAPTER

Series Title: All the Way
Chapter Title: Private hearts
Authors: kusanobabe05 and ivonnemcgruder
Beta: mtfanatic, thanks dear love you.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: KOYATO side chapter to massano fanfic
Notes: We couldn´t resist Koyato <3 Nobody CAN!! KKKitty - Private hearts


When the door of the Notti´s flat closed behind them, Shige took a deep breath in.
"You tease! You’re lucky that I´m wearing baggy pants today, and if you think that this makes me want to spend another night at your place than you‘re wrong. I haven‘t been sleeping at home for about 5 days." Shige faked being angry. It was okay to punish Koyama for his unexpected attacks in the changing room or under the table while dining with parents or so. But he‘d never be able to resist him if he just said, "Stay with me tonight." It‘s also right that he wasn‘t home for almost a week, but half of his stuff was already moved into Koyama‘s flat so it wasn‘t a problem.

Kei grinned wrapping an arm around Shige's waist and pulling him close enough to whisper seductively in his ear, "You know as well as I do its not my place...it's ours. Which in my book makes it home. Besides you can't resist me...you never could..."

"Of course I can resist you." said Shige and pushed Kei away. He set off for leaving the building. He wasn‘t able to suppress the smile.

Kei smirked and chased him down, he took Shige by the hand and pulled him in the direction of home.

"Kei...public place...lay off..." Smiled Shige sheepishly.

Kei laughed, "I'm only holding your hand...you know I can be naughtier..."

"P.U.B.L.I.C - - which part of this word don‘t you understand?" said Shige and took his hand out of Kei‘s. They were fooling around now, but it was really dangerous, they were near the main street where they‘ll take their bus home. They learned a lot from Notti‘s case...cameras are everywhere.

Kei frowned shoving his hand into his pockets, "I was behaving...sometimes I wonder who's older..." he mumbled.

Shige heard the sadness in Kei‘s voice again. They were together for so long now and yet Kei is still hurt by not being able to show in public their love. Shige felt that this time Kei had been punished enough for his teasing and said:
"You are the older one, that‘s why you have your own flat. The flat we are heading to right now."

Kei tried to smile, "I know...sometimes you act more mature then I do thats all. It will be nice to be home...if only we could spend more time there in some ways. Then we wouldn't have to worry..."

"Kei...I thought you‘d be happy to hear that we are heading to your flat right now. Do you really plan to be like this now? I can still change my opinion again." said Shige and tweaked Kei‘s butt as they got in the bus.

Kei jumped, "Gesshi, if I have to behave so do you.." he sat down and patted the seat next to him, "there's a seat right here..."

"I‘m behaving." winked Shige at him and took the seat opposite to Kei instead of the one Kei was offering to him. He knew Kei was in the teasing mode again.

Kei frowned, and silently waited for their stop...sometimes no words was best. He let Shige off the bus first and followed him as close as he thought Shige would let him...not close enough to touch but close enough to know the other was near. He pulled him inside their building and up the stairs, most of their neighbors were inside by now.

Shige clenched Kei‘s hand which was pulling him up the stairs. When they reached the right floor Shige was breathless. Kei started to work out on his body after News came back, Shige didn‘t have any time. Sometimes Kei didn‘t realize that Shige‘s body is not as strong as his own. But Shige never complained. Whether it be the exhaustion was from sex or simply running like this one.

Kei knew that Shige didn't have the endurance he did. He unlocked the door, kicked it shut and locked it He swept Shige off his feet, he was going to need to save all his lover's energy for later.

"Put me down, Kei...I‘m not a girl." twitched Shige and laughed.

Kei grinned, "Of course you're not a girl Gesshi. I love you just the way you are..."

"I‘m glad to hear that." whispered Shige and embraced Kei‘s hips with his long legs.
"Kiss me?" asked Shige with a small voice.

Kei smiled, "Always...Gesshi...always...you're the only one I want..."

Shige felt Kei‘s lips on his own, after a sec he felt the comfortable mattress of Kei‘s large bed under his back. Koyama got heavy after he gained muscles, yet again Shige is never going to complain about that. He adored how it felt when Kei‘s sweating body collapsed on him after reaching its limit...after Kei came. He could just die from lack of air but he‘d never complain or shake Kei‘s heavy body off.

Kei shoved a knowing hand under Shige's shirt caressing the soft skin there, "I want you...you're so important to me Gesshi, I need you..."

Shige adored how Kei always got emotional in bed. Being a tease and baka outside...turns soft and all emotional in bed. Shige run his fingers through Koyama´s soft hair and kissed him deeply.

Kei kissed him gently, knowingly, as he pushed Shige's shirt off. He gazed at his lover, "You're beautiful..."

"You more..." Smiled Shige and enjoyed how the contact skin on skin felt. Not that he had a lack of this, but....he feels like there is never enough of it.

Kei pulled away long enough to throw his shirt away and tug both their pants off. He gazed at his lover, "I want you all the time you know that right..." he didn't give him a chance to answer as he lay on top of him grinding their hips together slowly erotically.

Shige massaged Koyama´s butt...making him to come even closer.
"So do I..." sighed erotically as Kei left his lips and started to nibble on his earlobe.
"Kei...I know I‘ve refused many times when you offered me to be inside of you, but...teach me. I‘m just afraid I‘ll hurt you, I can‘t be as tender as you are. I‘m afraid I‘ll lose my mind and..." Kei stopped him:

"All I want is for you to know how it feels to make love to the person you love. If you're ready I can show you...I'm not proud of the fact that I know how I like it. I'll show you but...I don't want to dwell on it. I only want to remember you...I wish you had been my first. You're all I want...all I need."

"Teach me then...tonight, now." said Shige and looked deeply in his lovers eyes. When he saw the determination in Massu‘s and Notti‘s eyes today, he decided to take this step finally. He won‘t chicken out today.

Kei nodded slowly he reached silently for the lube on the nightstand beside the bed. He handed it to Shige and smiled, "You're going to need a lot...I haven't done this in years..."

"Mouu...don‘t scare me any more then I already am." Said Shige when he took the lube in his trembling hands. He rolled them over to lay on top of his older friend. Kissing him nervously.

Kei kissed him back, "I'm not trying to scare you sweetheart...I'm trying to teach you. I know we both want this and I want to make sure we both enjoy it okay..."

He watched as Shige squeezed it into his hand and covered his fingers. He spread his legs as far as he could and placed Shige's hand between his legs, he smiled his eyes filled with love and trust, "Rub some in good, okay...you'll go in easier."

Shige was grateful to Kei‘s help. He kissed him and forced him to lay down on the pillow again...very slowly pushing one finger into his lover. It felt so tight...how can this even be possible...he wondered.

Kei tried to focus on Shige's face, he breathed...he had forgotten how much it hurts. It might as well be the first time since it seemed his body had forgotten. He tried to remember the pleasure he used to get from this but seeing Shige down there he could only think of Shige and how much he wanted him to love him. He whispered, "Move it a little more...that's it...I have to get used to movement as well as size."

Shige laid on Kei again and whispered into his ear:
"It‘s too difficult, lets stop before I hurt you." and removed the finger, laying himself next to Koyama and letting his head rest in the crook of Kei‘s neck. He doesn‘t like to give up or lose, but...if there is a chance to spare Koyama pain, he‘d give up on everything.

Kei took the lube shaking his head, "No...I want this...watch me..." He covered his own fingers more then he ever had with Shige since their first time. This was awkward but he wanted Shige badly...his fingers were a little bigger but he pressed them into himself slowly. he let himself adjust to embrace it and move himself on it. he slowed to insert a second one and repeated the process. he felt a rush of pleasure for a moment and cried out, "Gesshi..."

Shige grabbed his wrist slowly pulling Kei‘s fingers out.
"Stop it...I...let me try it again." whispered Shige into his ear and put one finger in. It was a lot easier then before. Maybe it was possible... He pushed in another finger when he checked that there was no sign of pain in his lovers face. Slowly pulling and pushing...in and out, trying not to forget to return Kei‘s kisses.

Kei let Shige pull his hand away and let himself relaxed to let Shige inside again. He whispered between passionate kisses, "Faster baby...faster..." as he began to move with him. It felt so good...he wanted Shige even more now... "More Gesshi...please..." he begged.

Shige was scared, but ... Koyama wanted more. He slowly put one more finger in watching Kei‘s face carefully , any sign of pain and he‘s done with that, he‘d be ok with receiving Kei for the rest of his life.

Kei smiled, three of Shige's fingers weren't much bigger then two of his own...he moved back onto those fingers as his body widened to embrace them gently. He moaned in appreciation, "Gesshi...thank you..."

"Is this ... are you ... I want you." Sighed Shige.

Kei groaned, "Gesshi...now please..."

Shige kneeled between his lovers legs and bowed his upper body down to kiss him. When he felt the head of his manhood touching Kei‘s entrance he whispered:
"Promise...I want your promise that you won‘t let me hurt you."

Kei wished he could promise that, he said quietly, "I know it hurts for a while when I make love to you. You know that...if you still let me it should be the same. I want you...so much Gesshi...please don't be afraid. We'll be fine, just let yourself love me this way...it's what we both want and that‘s all that matters."

Shige pushed a little ... it was too tight, it‘s not possible without hurting Koyama, what shall he do? He felt tears in his eyes. He wanted it so much...they were so close.

Kei begged feeling him there was intoxicating, "I'm fine...if I want you to slow down or something I promise to tell you, okay Gesshi? Make love to me, I trust you..."

"Help me in Kei, just this first time, guide me." pleaded Shige and nosed the crook of Kei‘s neck.

Kei threw his legs over Shige's shoulders, he knew without asking that they were going to do it this way. He moved so that Shige was directly beneath his entrance he relaxed and exhaled slowly before easing Shige into himself. The more of Shige that he felt inside him the happier he felt. He moaned, "Gesshi..."

"Oh god...Kei..." Shige didn‘t have time to be shocked how easily he was suddenly able to enter. Little by little and soon he was inside, totally. He lifted his upper body on his elbow and took a look down on their mated bodies. Then he looked into Kei‘s eyes:
"I love you." said Shige before starting to move inside slowly.

Kei nodded, "Me too..." before he lost himself to the feel of Gesshi moving inside him. He moaned and then screamed with pleasure...he hadn't felt that in ages, "Gesshi, do that again...I forgot where that was..."

Shige grabbed Koyama´s hips in his hands and tried to find the right spot with another thrust. He thrusted again and again, according to his lovers reactions, he aimed well.
"Un...Kei." moaned Shige and after he came he slowly thrusted some more, then, he collapsed on Kei‘s body. His head was spinning and his arms stopped supporting him.

Kei moved back on Shige, driving him in deeper, tugging on himself to make sure he would come with him. Shige was getting good at this...he loved him even more for having the courage to make love to him.

"I‘m...dead. Night..." whispered Shige softly in his lovers ear half asleep already.

"Good night Gesshi, love you..." Kei yawned holding him close, that had to be the best sex he'd had in a long time.
Tags: g: news, l: multi-chapter, l: one-shot

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