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Arashi -- OhJun oneshot.
Title: Our stage
Pairing: MatsumOhno (aka OhJun), tiny bit of Ohmiya/Matsurai/Sakuraiba.
Author: yours truly.
Rating: PG-13 (No smut, sorry.)
Genre: Fluff, I hope. Tiny bits of Crack (I couldn't help myself.)
Disclaimer: I own myself. I think.
Summary: Ohno's relationship with Jun goes to the next level.
Notes: Beta of course midorihaven ILUSM. <3
Yes I know, the title is unoriginal, but what can you do?

Our stage

Ohno sat close to Nino during Shukudai, as usual. They were known for their public displays of affection. Riida accepted it gladly from Nino; he was one of his closest friends. But today was different, Jun caught his attention.

Sitting in his usual confident way, legs spread to unknown dimensions and throwing his bangs to the side every now and then, Jun ignored Ohno. They had a game of cat and mouse they enjoyed playing. Nino was the only obstacle in the way, always snatching Ohno away; his jealousy getting the best of him.

Jun was the prey, surprisingly. Ohno would throw him a few signs, careful that Nino wasn't paying attention. Jun would notice those signals and respond the only way he knew how; physically. But, on this Monday, Jun wouldn't accept Riida's hints.

When Ohno would wink at him, he'd glare back. When he'd try getting closer, Jun would move away, and closer to someone else in return (Even with Sho, who was totally clueless as to why there was a hand suddenly trailing down his back). Riida wasn't very persistent, but when it came to two things, he wouldn't give up without a fight.

One being his food, obviously, and two was his fellow members of Arashi. And being the eldest, he felt it was his duty to keep them all smiling, as much as possible. (When he wasn't busy being molested by Nino, sadly.) Therefore, Jun being snobby with him was definitely bothering him.


They all packed up to go home. Nino sped off; he had a drama to film. Sho and Aiba snuck off into the darkness, giggling like mad. Riida looked up at Jun, blinking helplessly. He knew how powerless Jun was when it came to his pouting face.

"Whaddya want Ohno?"

He continued pouting, creeping closer to Jun. His fingers gently crossed behind his back, thumbs twirling in circles.

"Argh! What?" Jun was fuming, trying to fight his urge to console the older man.

"I love you Jun."

Ohno smiled sweetly, his eyes fading into semi-circles. This image was cuter than any animated drawing, any furry animal and even all the babies in the world. If anyone could make Jun melt, it was their Leader.

"Do you want something?" Jun sighed, feeling his aggravation slowly leaving him.

Ohno's goal was obtained; his target was successfully drawn into his trap. He just had to figure out the right words to lure him in further without scaring him off.

He pretended to stutter nervously, convincing Jun that he really needed company. The taller man looked away, as if thinking over the proposal. When in all honesty, he was just worried about what Nino might do to him if he found out. Jun's mind was made up though, despite the probable consequences.

"I'll be at your place in an hour."

Predator; 1. Prey; 0.


Ohno, perfectionist when it came to art, decided to arrange his home in a way that created more romance. Sparkle-colored curtains hung from his bedroom windows, red sheets covered his bed and scented candles were the final touch. He looked around his room, proud he had accomplished something so sensual. Riida wanted Jun to appreciate his efforts. (Although he had lied to get him there.)

Jun neared the front door, instantly smelling sweet scents. He smirked, realizing he had been conned into visiting Ohno's home again. Jun couldn't help but feel flattered; he always imagined Nino was the only man on Riida's mind. He cleared his throat, preparing to knock softly.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Little pig, little pig, let me come in." His smirk quickly morphing into a gentle smile.

Ohno ecstatic for his guest's arrival, rushed to the door. He guided Jun into the entrance, even though Jun knew Ohno's apartment as well as his own. (They did love to play cat and mouse.)

"Please come in. What's that in your hands?"

Looking down at his white box filled with sweets, Jun thought of a compromise. He hid it behind his back, leaning close to Ohno's ear, licking his lips before he began:

"We'll have this treat after you show me why I'm here."

Predator; 1. Prey; 1.

Ohno winked in response. He was a tad hungry, but that could wait until he finished his main course; Jun. He took a few of Jun's fingers in his palm, their hand sizes being quite different, pulling him towards his now extravagant boudoir.

Ohno let go of Jun's hand to gracefully remove his jacket. He didn't particularly like clothes, but all that Jun wore seemed to captivate his eye. This jacket not being an exception, with its smooth texture and subtle color tones. The feel of it reminded him of what was to be found underneath.

Jun exhaled loudly, Ohno's caresses being feather-like and yet so present, even with his clothing on. His eyes shut of their own will, his mind slipping in and out of consciousness. The way Riida could touch someone's body was unfairly enchanting and satisfying all at once.

Ohno stared, concentrated on Jun's expressions, set on gratifying him. The shorter yet elder of the two, knew how to move his hands in ways no one could imagine. But Jun wasn't a patient man, and he wanted to feel and enjoy tormenting his leader as well. His eyes opened, elegant fingers grabbing hold of a tiny waist.

"Can't wait Jun?"

"You know what you do to me."

Predator; 2. Prey; 1.

Riida was content with that statement. If someone like Jun, who could seduce man or woman with little effort, was driven mad by an amateur, it meant Ohno was a fair match. He smiled, wrapping petite arms around Jun's neck affectionately. Picking him up in one movement, he pulled Ohno's legs around him.

A position like this, they became used to. Jun's neck hurt when he'd need to bend simply to embrace Ohno. Ohno's toes hurt when he'd stand on them to reach up to his effeminate prey. The cat and mouse had to work together if they wanted to live in harmony.

Their limbs meshed perfectly together, both men treating the other as a fragile being. Jun walked over to Ohno's bed, hand patting at his hair as he kissed Riida's neck lightly. Ohno purred, almost a whisper, his lashes fluttering with lust. Jun sat on the bed, the other still wrapped around his torso, similar to a child clutching his mother's coat.

"Jun, I love you." Ohno breathed warm air down his shirt, panting with desire, waiting for acceptance. Jun stole a kiss, lips trembling, afraid to go any further without permission. They each wanted the other so badly, they couldn't breathe.

"So do I."

Ohno gave in to his emotions, without holding back, without any borders. This was their night to shine under the moonlight, out of the camera's eye. This was their stage, set for two, and made for them since day one.

This was honesty.



Nonnonnonono! I will NOT be swayed from my OTP of OhMiya by OhJun (or MatsumOhno or whatever!!!) ^_~ but oh, very well written, and I love the way Jun crushes on Ohno!

MatsumOhno1 : OhMiya 1/2 ^_^

lol. I'm not trying to change anyone's mind. xD
(if I were, it would be for JunSho..)

I'm glad you enjoyed it though. <3




there shld be more ohno and jun fics :D:D

lol. thank you.

(bows) I agree. ^-^
but there's been a few lately, so it's getting there.


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