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Tokyo Taisho, 1919 (chapter 4) - A stroll in Ueno

Title: Tokyo Taisho, 1919
Author: lalois
Fandom: Kanjani8, Arashi, others
Pairings: RyOhkura, Yasuba, Yasu/Maru + others to come
Rating: from PG to NC17. Chapter is PG
Length: chaptered story
Words: 2569
Genre: historical AU, gender-bender, romance, drama, flirting, ust, angst, smut, introspection, hurt/comfort
Disclaimer: sadly I don’t own anything about Kanjani8, just my worship for my OTP.
Prompt/Summary/Background: Early twenties, Osaka/Tokyo. Ryo gets invited in Tokyo by his longtime childhood friend Jun. There, he'll get to know a whole new world. A fateful encounter in Ueno during the foliage season.
Previous chapters: -1- -2- -3-
Also available @ Ao3, LJ, DW

For the background picture credits go to @rave21392


With the month of October opening up, most mornings do become rather humid, fresh and silent.
It is precisely during this time of the year that one of the most extraordinary changing in Tokyo takes place, and these are among the best days to admire such magic.
Tags: c: maruyama ryuhei, c: matsumoto jun, c: nishikido ryo, c: ohkura tadayoshi, c: yasuda shota, g: arashi, g: kanjani8, g: news, l: multi-chapter, r: pg-13, x: angst, x: au, x: drama, x: fluff, x: humor, x: romance

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