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One-Shot ~ Break (me) down

Title: Break (me) down
: lalois
Fandom: Kanjani8
Pairings: RyOhkura
Rating: R
Length: one-shot
Words: 3180
Genre: fluff, ust, smut, established relationship, long-distance relationship, social distancing, friendship
Disclaimer: sadly I don’t own anything about Kanjani8, just my worship for my OTP. They don't belong to me, but they belong to each other.
Prompt/Summary/Background: Ohkura’s washing machine and wifi have broken down. Ryo has a reputation for being an excellent repairman. Japan is in lockdown, and TORN’s relationship has been awkward way before the pandemic. Inspired by Ohkura's Kurasumasu May posts.
Written on: 16th May 2020.
Also available @ Ao3, LJ, DW

“Are you alright, Ohkura? “ Ryo asks, sounding worried.
"I'm fine. But my washing machine isn't. It broke down a few days ago, I tried to fix it myself but it didn't work and I don't know what else to do, since assistance isn't going to help either this time... May I ask for you help? Am I a bother?"
Tags: c: nishikido ryo, c: ohkura tadayoshi, g: kanjani8, l: one-shot, r: r, x: fluff, x: humor, x: romance

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