Ryana [ リヤナ ] daikishlicious wrote in jent_fanfics
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She is He! - TaDaiki.
Title: She is He!
Author: daikishlicious
Rating: R
Pairing: TaDaiki
Summary: Takaki didn’t know that Daiki is a HE. All along, he thought that he was a SHE.

Also, a friendly warning: 3000+ words – super un-beta and rush (as always). I have to remind you that while writing this, I ran out of vocabulary thus the redundancy.

( “Are you hitting on me?” All of the sudden, Daiki blurted it out but as soon as he realized what he had said, his cheeks became reddish as he shook his head. Good thing, the long soft curly wig he was wearing gave him some space to hide his already redden ears. )


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