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Drama: Maou:
Title :Chained
Author :Zan
Rating :PG for mention of blood.
Genre : A double drabble and a half
Warnings: Dark and bloody.

Disclaimer: Naruse Ryou, Naoto Serizawa and all characters belong to the TBS drama Maou and their respective creators. Not written for profit, but written to shake off Maou's hold on my brain.

Chained by zan

Some nights he twisted and pulled his hands slippery on the handle. His nose twitched at the copper tang, his heart beat so fast, he feared it might stop. The flesh is malleable, soft and giving. That puffy cheeked smile made him ill.

Other nights he knocked the glasses off that face with the smirk and always he thought “I could be you, why aren’t I you?” and still he would twist and maybe push a little before he pulled the blood slicked thing free.

Yet on other nights a hand fisted in a shirt, twisted and pulled close and the other pierced so hard right up to the hilt, as he watched the confusion die out in eyes that made him confused.

Yet again, some other nights he stabbed and stabbed over and again, with anger and hate. The blood soaked through the shirt and cast a dark, fascinating sheen upon the school blazer and he could not help but grin with malevolence at the odd shine and colour of justice seemingly done.

However, most nights he stared in sick horror at his hands as it plunged into life and let it spill away. He watched in fear as the kind eyes and gentle smile stilled forever. “Coward!” is his voice in his head as it danced with another saying “It was you … yes … yes it was … you … you … all along.” It mocked and made him afraid all his days because it was true.

(250 Words of Yamano nightscape)
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thank you dear, you are very encouraging. Always. I have actually wanted to do a Yamano piece for a while now, and though short, and might come across as repetitive for some folks ... I am pleased with it.

But yes he is a sad pitiable and loathesome character. I am glad that some of that came through.

*shnuggles back*

Ooooooh, this was so intense! I really admire that you can cram so many emotions into so few words.

As I see it, Yamano is one of those persons we all love to hate. I hated him with a passion while Maou aired, but now... I don't really know. He provokes very strong feelings in me. He is completely destroyed by the bullying in his childhood, and I pity him for that, even though I hate pity even more.

I'm def going to memory this. Thank you so much for sharing <3

ahh! *blushes* thank you.

I think I was hoping for a slow and painful death while the series was on. I did feel sorry for him being bullied I hated his cowardice even more and how he hid behind the memory of the loss of Hideo for that.

But thank you ... for the lovely feedback.

*rush to check lj*

So refreshing and strong. It really capture the hateful, self-loading Yamano's personality (or what was left of it). So good as always.

*rush back to work*

*ahh you make me blush* - Thank you.

I think this is the darkest piece I have ever written in the history of my fanfiction writing days. Dark is not something that comes easy to me.

HOW ON EARTH did I miss this?? D: Oh man, I HATE Yamano so bad, but I loved reading about him like this. I felt like I was listening to him...it's strange. So dark and fantastic.

*blushes yet somemore* - Thank you.

Yamano's head . . .

it's a scary place to be ^^" But I like this--it really captures how trapped in the past he is, and that because of that, everything is nightmarish.

I'm so glad you pointed me here--I've been doing a very poor job of keeping up with . . . anything, really ^^"

*is a bad fangirl*


Yamano's head is a mire for sure.


your fandom will still be here for you whenever as will I so don't worry about us. There's no such thing as a bad fangirl. you take care now. RL is eating everybody at the moment too.

We're sort of altogether living and battling rl!!!

...i'm confused.
and very much hurt.

somehow yamano reminds me of peter pettigrew in the harry potter books. hmmmm.

thank you for sharing this, dear. it was wonderfully subtle.

Sorry dear, don't know HP too well. But I'm guessing that he's another sad sort of pitiful soul too.

Hmmm I like that ...'subtle' - cheeks are hurting from smiling at all the kind words I'm getting today!

Thank YOU for reading.


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