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Matsumiya--Oneshot Sequel--Recluse 2: Captivation
Title: Captivation
Authors: midorihaven & trickylady
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Matsumiya aka Jun/Nino
Genre: Smut and humor
Disclaimer: We do not own them, because there's nothing to own.
Summary: Jun's plans fall apart, thanks to Nino.
Notes: Sequel to our first collaboration "Recluse" part 1


By Kazuko and Junko


"Jun, you know I love you. Don't you forget it."

That's what you said to me and my heart soared. Now, I'm trying desperately not to forget those words, but it's hard when our daily life has not changed. I have not had the chance to see you in private and then when we meet as a group you're still cuddling in Riida's arms. I know it's just for show, but even in front of our friends you kiss and you cuddle and I feel wretched. I want to announce it to everyone. Scream that you are mine. But you don't seem to have the inclination to do so and that silences me. Are you testing me? Trying to see how far I would go for you?

Did you doubt my need for you when I chased after you? Did I not show you how much I wanted you when I cornered you in the elevator? When I grabbed you, when I pressed you into the wall? Did you think I was lying when I told you I loved you?

I guess I didn't go far enough. That part of my nature sickens me. I always hold back, even if just a little bit. I never want to lose myself. I never want to lose control. Are you angry? Are you disappointed? That I didn't seem to love you enough?

Well, you're wrong. I love you more than anything. I love you more than I can stand. If I hold it in much longer I'll implode, but if I release it I may lose you. If you walked away from me I would break.

Do you want to know, Kazu? How much I really love you?

When your lips were crushed against mine, I still wanted more. When your nails dug into my back, I pulled you closer. I didn't care about the place, I didn't care about the time, I just knew that I wanted you. My mind was deafened by desire. I barely heard you when you whimpered. I barely heard your cries of warning that the others were coming. I didn't care. If you hadn't pulled away I would have taken you right then and there.

The mere thought of your touch shatters my self-restraint.

Nino POV

As much as I'm sure he'd like us to hold hands and prance around happily, poking fun at each other, I just need some time. It's not easy to give your whole self to someone and then realize what you've done will change your days, months, years - forever. I need time to think, to pretend to be normal at least. I knew the fans wouldn't be ready for Ohmiya SK to be cut short just yet. I knew Sho wouldn't be able to accept that I'd taken his ex either. Aiba probably would cry, both of joy and sorrow, if I said I'd stolen the heart of his best friend.

So what could I do? What else was there to do?

I had to pretend like nothing happened, for at least a few days, so I could gather my thoughts and feelings, and eventually, announce it to them officially. But I could sense that Jun was getting impatient, and though I attempted to calm him, he became hungrier.

He follows me after we finish filming; I can hear his footsteps approaching. He stalks me down the dark corridors, attacks me with all the love and want he feels inside, sending me soaring into a newborn sky. Even as my skin shivers, the wall cool against it, I can see there's fear and doubt in his eyes. Maybe he thinks I lied.

And I pull him nearer, trying to convince him it's true. Scratching lines of desire into his skin, I hope he can feel what I'm trying to do. Then a sound escapes me, hearing the Arashi trio before they actually appear. I try to push my love away, afraid of what they might say. Jun pants in front of me, brow furrowing and annoyance clearly displayed. He sighs, rushing off to the exit, leaving me to feel guilty once more.

“That was enough”, I tell myself.

Arashi need to know - must know - if I will continue my relationship with Jun. And I could tell he wouldn't be completely satisfied unless I told them. It was my burden, but it didn’t need to be; I could change it.

I wait for them to get closer, inhaling for courage, I stop them in their tracks. Sho, who's known me since the dawn of time, can see it in my eyes already. I see it written across his face, the way he stares intently. Aiba and Ohno smile, not expecting a thing as per their usual. And I blurt out words, I confess in the simplest way I can think of: "I'm in love with Jun. We've decided to become serious with each other."

Ohno gasps and, surprisingly, shuffles off without saying a word. But, I can hear a bit of chuckling so I tell myself it’s a good thing. Sho lets out a puff of air, looking down at the ground silently, taking in this secret of ours. Aiba simply smiles and says: "I had a feeling something was up. Jun never looked so happy before."

I was glad for those words, but Sho's reaction still worries me.

"Sho, is something wrong?" I ask in a soft voice.

"No, nothing, nothing at all." His smile seems forced, but other than that he looks content. Patting me on the shoulder gently, he rushes off behind Ohno, grabbing his hand and swinging it slowly.

Aiba pats me on the shoulder delicately, pointing towards Jun, at the end of the dark corridor, leaning against the wall in silence.


I looked over my shoulder and I saw Kazu approaching me with a somber expression. It hurts me to see that look on his face, because I know that I was the one that put it there. I don't want to be upset around him. I don't want to be selfish around him, but this love is consuming my soul and it makes me irrational. It makes me feel childish.

All the senses of my body are reaching for him. My eyes are always searching for him. My ears always strain to hear his voice. My arms always long to pull him close. I want to cuddle up close enough to breathe in the familiar scent of his shampoo. I want to taste him with a kiss. With more than just a kiss. I want him. I need him. But these are all of my own selfish needs and desires. He may not want that from me even though he told me that he loved me.

He looked up at me with puppy dog eyes, "Jun. I told the others."

My jaw dropped, what did he just say? He told the others?

"I just told them that I was in love with you and that this is serious." He cupped my face with his soft hands. "I'm serious, Jun. I love you."

I wanted to cry tears of joy. I didn't have to hide my feelings anymore. I pulled him towards me and held him tight. "We could have told them together. I'm serious about you too."

I looked down at him, the traces of a smirk were pulling up at his lips. I love him so much; I hope that he will always be able to smile like this; I hope he will always shine this brightly.

"Ne, Kazu." I hooked my fingers through the belt loops of his jeans and pulled our hips as close as they could touch. "I have this Sunday off."

He squirmed a little bit, as if he were uncomfortable. "So?" he asked with a coy voice.

I played along and nuzzled a soft spot on his neck; just underneath his ear, hidden by his jawline. He swallowed slowly, a small sigh escaping from his lips. "I feel like cooking."

"So cook." he said flatly, even as his hands were slipping up underneath my shirt. I swallowed a whimper that was hovering on the edge of my lips.

I threaded my fingers through the soft curls of his short hair and he tilted his head back a little. I looked down into glazed eyes and half-parted lips and I my heart raced. Desire grew in my belly and I dipped my lips down to his for a kiss. A slow, sensual one. I gave myself enough time to trace the curve of his soft lips with my tongue. He responded with a soft nibble on my bottom lip and the kiss deepened.

"I'll cook dinner for you." I said in between gasps for air.

He looped an arm around my neck and pulled me in closer. "Is that all?"

I saw a mischievous glimmer in his eyes and I dug my fingers into the small of his back possessively. "No." For once, I could be straight with my feelings. "I want you Kazu. I want to be with you. I want to touch you, to sleep with you, to wake up with you by my side."

He smiled and I felt my knees weaken. I leaned back against the wall, just so I could stand. He grew bolder with his advances and soon his hands where tugging on my belt buckle and slipping into the opening of my jeans. A small voice nagged in the back of my head; we were still in public, but the minute his soft fingers wrapped around the core of my being I could no longer hear anything. His strong fingers began kneading my desire and stroking me at a frenzied pace. I began to unravel and I threw my head back in pleasure. My voice was coming out in ragged moans. I couldn't decide if I wanted him to stop or if I wanted more. I wanted more. My body arched towards him instinctively; I wanted it harder, I wanted it faster. I didn't care that he had me pressed against the wall of an open hallway.

"Kazu," I panted his name, my voice was raw. "Kiss me."

He obliged and leaned in with his lips as his hand continued to stroke me. I slipped my hands down his back, hovering just below his waist. I felt him tremor against my touch and my fingers pressed lower through the back of his jeans. I had access to warm, delicate flesh and my hands explored a little further.

I would have had him stripped of his clothes and pressed down underneath me, if a strange sound wasn't ringing in my ears. "A-hem." I broke away from Kazu and searched for the noise. Aiba was standing at the end of the hallway, coughing with a flushed face. My heart almost stopped. He saw us. Others could have seen us too.

I pulled away hastily and glared at Kazu for still stroking me wildly, I had to pull his hand out of my jeans. He smiled at me innocently.

"I'll return the favor for you later." I whispered into his ear, partially as a warning to stop, and I slipped my fingers down in his jean pocket in one swift motion.

His eyes widened. When he bothers to check his pocket, he'll find a spare key to my apartment.

Nino POV

I try to conceal my pain as I crept towards him slowly. I knew sharing my feelings with Arashi would change things, but I hoped it was for the best. With the two leaders rushing off like they had, my heart sunk deep into my being, melting into the acids of my stomach. It really hurt, I was afraid it would, but Jun is worth it.

"Jun. I told the others." Which had to be a good thing, right? If anyone could appreciate it, Jun could be the one.

"I just told them that I was in love with you and that this is serious." My fingers can't help but touch his face. "I'm serious, Jun. I love you." I waited for an answer, something positive to shine through the earlier morose feeling.

"We could have told them together. I'm serious about you too." At last, my hope had arrived; someone whom I loved dearly and loved me back equally. I couldn't hold back my smirk.

I guess that was a green light for Jun to proceed.

"Ne, Kazu." His hands find their way to sensitive areas, and my hips fit so well against his. "I have this Sunday off."

I don’t want him to know I’m already getting hard so I pull back a bit. "So?" It’s fun pretending to be oblivious.

But he could tease me just as well. His delectable mouth gnawing me in all the worst places, my heart palpitating, a sigh escaped my lips. "I feel like cooking." He announced.

"So cook." There was no denying it was fun to play the robot, even as my fingers found his soft skin under his shirt.

Jun - who probably had barbies as a child - plays through my hair, spreading shivers throughout my insides like wildfire. So I wait, eyes barely open, lips hardly shut, I wait for him to continue. It doesn’t take long before he catches on, swallowing me whole, filling me with nothing but want and greed.

"I'll cook dinner for you." He says while trying to catch his breath.

So I pull him closer, emotions still unwavering. "Is that all?"

And his grasp tightens, a flurry of tender murmurs soon following. I knew he was romantic, but this was unlike how he appeared in front of cameras. It was cute, in a DoS kind of way, so I smile. And there's something in his eyes that tells me to take over, to make my move. So I follow my gut, as I always do.

I want to drive him mad with nothing but the thought of me. I break into his pants with my small hands, I stroke and pull and rub as much and as fast as I can. I don't care where we are anymore, I just want to see his face like this, in ecstasy, incapable of stopping me. I stare in amazement as his body arches for more, he can't refuse me even if he tries.

"Kazu," I wonder how he can still speak with his breathing like that. "Kiss me."

Might as well listen, it was the least I could do, with him letting me try things I only imagined in my bed at night. I quickly regret it, his fingers traveling in places that are off limits in public locations. Then, of course, Aiba appears out of nowhere, to my dismay. I hate how he can creep around when he’s not busy bouncing off the walls.

"A-hem." Aiba makes a sound he doesn't usually get the chance to.

But my mind is elsewhere (and so is my hand). Why let a good thing go to waste? I continue to stroke Jun even as he pulls me away, but I'm still pleased.

"I'll return the favor for you later." Jun says before slipping his hand down into my pocket.

I feel that it's kind of cold, probably metallic. But before I can ask, he pulls Aiba by the arm and rushes off down the hall, trying to cover up what had happened. I take this time to pull out the object; a key. I'm guessing, the hopeless romantic that he is, it's either to his apartment or his heart. Why did I fall in love with such a sap?

I scramble back to my house, pick up the phone and dial slowly, every second counts. It rings once, twice, three times. I start to lose patience, my head banging against the wall to distract myself.

"Kazu? Why are you calling now?" I couldn't tell if it was surprise or annoyance he was displaying.

"I wanted to hear your voice." A little white lie didn't hurt anyone.

"Aww, really?" I couldn't believe he fell for it.

"I wanted to share something with you too though." I could hear him smiling on the other end.

I pant over and over, screaming out dirty words and thoughts, poking fun at how sleazy he was earlier. I can hear him moan over the phone though, sending blood straight to my cock, so I hang up. It was supposed to be my game.


Sunday finally comes and I don't bother picking out fancy clothes or fixing every strand (or any) of my hair. I just show up like I would any day, except this time with a key. To my advantage, I arrive while he's still in the shower and I make myself comfortable on his king-sized bed, very comfortable.

"Oh, Jun. Honey, I'm home." It was good to be me.


"Oh, Jun. Honey, I'm home."

I thought I imagined his voice through the stream of water pouring down on my head and I berated myself for it. I was losing my mind obsessing about him all day. He intruded my thoughts with the memories of his lips on mine; the taste of his warm skin; and the sound of his voice on the phone. I turned the shower knob all the way to the right...I needed cold water to cool my arousing desire. Even as I dismissed the sound as a pure delusion, the air didn't feel right. Thinking something may be amiss, I slipped out of the shower and wrapped a towel hastily around my waist. My heart stopped for a moment when I stepped into the adjoining master bedroom. He was there, sprawled across my satin sheets with a disgusting smirk; the man I loved; the object of my desire.

I frowned thoughtfully. I was hoping to surprise him with an elaborate dinner, but his sudden arrival ruined all my plans. His eyes flashed at me with a dare. Well, it's not like he needed romance. It should be more than enough that we had feelings for each other, that we desired each other. I smiled at him. I shouldn't have given him a key so soon, he was playing games with me already, but it's not like I'm upset that he was here.

He never took his eyes off mine and his lips mouthed words silently. Ah, it was a spell. A spell to lure me in, to hold me close. Well, I'd give myself to him willingly. I sat down on the edge of the bed and hovered over him; he remained still, and I leaned down for a kiss. It was soft and brief. I just needed to touch him, to confirm that he was actually lying there before me. He was no illusion.

I caressed his cheek with the back of my hand, gently wiping away droplets of water that fell from my wet hair. He didn't seem to mind that I was still dripping from the shower and neither did I. The heat from the fire that was growing in my belly made me oblivious to the cold, but I was intensely aware of his fingers stroking up and down my bare back. His touch made me shiver and I thought that it was unfair to be the only one exposed.

I covered him with kisses, trailing down his neck and down his chest, nibbling through the cotton of his layered t-shirts. He moaned. I pulled on his belt buckle and my fingers slipped in through his jeans. He sucked air through his teeth sharply, his eyes wide with shock. The corner of my lips pulled up into a smirk, I told him that I would return the favor. I traced the shape of him with a slow and delicate touch that grew bolder and stroked faster with every moan that escaped his lips. My fingers squeezed down with more force and I started pulling faster trying to draw him to the brink of ecstasy and beyond. He dropped his hands from my back and splayed his fingers open against the sheets as his hips arched with pleasure. It felt good to see his eyes dilated with pleasure, to hear his voice stolen by desperate gasps for air. I could see that he was close to the edge as his fingers dug into the sheets and twisted them violently.

When his body was released from the torturous ecstasy, he fell limp to the bed. I covered him with gentle kisses as my hands roamed and stroked all his sensitive spots. He glared at me, but made no move to stop me as I removed the remainder of his clothes. We lay on the bed with are arms and legs entwined, with bare skin pressing against bare skin.

He pressed a kiss on my throat and mumbled. "I hate you."

I laughed. "I hate you too."

"I hate you more."

I pulled back just enough to look into his eyes. "I hate you with a passion."

He smirked, "I hate you with a vengeance."

He rolled over and pinned me down.

Nino POV

I wasn’t sure of what was happening. I couldn’t really soak it all in properly.

I could faintly remember the chills going down my spine as my fingers tickle his bare back playfully. The taste of warm water from his lips and the sweet scent of his body wash envelope my senses completely. A moment spent with Jun meant more to me than my entire childhood.

I knew he wanted revenge, but I didn’t expect it so soon.

His hand creeps into my jeans, nearing that area which turns me into nothing but a powerless shell of a human. As his fingers wrap around me softly, I feel I might slip into an alternate universe with bright lights and calm seas. I pray that I can hold on longer, my pride slowly fading with every second he drives me further up the wall.

I want to squeeze his arms tightly, scratch his back raw, give him as much pain as he is giving me pleasure, but somehow I can’t. My hands refuse to cooperate; they fall, they grasp at unknown fabric as I search for some sort of escape.

At long last, it was over. My whole body gives in; I feel as though I’m sinking into the bed, being swallowed up by satin sheets and feather-filled pillows. Then Jun’s mouth follows, his trail of kisses bringing me back to the world of the living. I let him undress me, still in too much of a daze to move my limbs properly.

Unlike what I’d expected, it feels good to have his bare skin against mine. I enjoy the gentle contact for a moment, the left side of my mind quickly coming up with a devious plan.

I kiss at his throat, somewhere I can’t resist and he can’t refuse. "I hate you."

Jun laughs. "I hate you too."

"I hate you more." Which could become true if we continued this way.

Jun looks into my eyes and I try not to look back. "I hate you with a passion."

He wasn’t going to have the last word if I had a say in the matter. "I hate you with a vengeance."

My chance, my revenge it has to be now, while he’s still basking in his accomplishment. I pin him down, making sure his face is hidden in the blankets, so he can’t anticipate my next move and can’t moan too loud.

“Kazu, what are you doing?” Jun sounds annoyed, it’s working.

“Well, just because I came doesn’t mean I’m finish yet.” I wonder if he can hear that I’m smiling.

Jun huffs but he doesn’t say another word. He’s learning quickly, I presume; it’s hard to win with me.

I sit on his thighs gently, grabbing the abandoned towel to cover his behind. I wanted him to feel some sensations, but not everything as of yet. I’d envisioned so many scenarios in my mind the past few weeks, hoping I’d chosen the best one to act out.

Left hand planted on the bed, I slide my index and middle finger up his right thigh, over the towel and up his spine. There’s a change in his breathing, in the texture of his skin and I continue my venture, pleased. Those same fingers crawl back down slowly, stopping on his rear to pinch it; too much of a temptation to resist.

“Jun, you can breathe, I don’t want you to die.” I tease.

“Don’t worry, you’re not that good.” Ouch. He meant war, didn’t he?

It was just the nudge I needed; I always love a challenge.

I jolt up from my seated position, onto my knees, crawling closer to my unsuspecting victim. I place one leg on each side of his thighs, lowering myself over his toweled flesh. I could hear him sighing, waiting for what I was going to do. I reach my target, leaning down delicately against his behind, pressing myself into the cloth, harder and closer.

He gasps, I know I’m doing something right.

I rub my arousal up and down, fitting it between his ass so perfectly, I know he’s fighting with all his will to keep from fidgeting. I grin, one hand tugging away his towel and throwing it to the wooden floor. I stare at the creamy smooth skin of his rear, my hand tracing the curves almost without my consent.

I bend myself over him, impatient to continue my roaming, I nip his shoulder blades simultaneously. My trusty index sneaks around his opening, his breath catching in his chest, I slide it inside with little warning and even less lubrication.

“Kazu!” His needy voice sends me into a comatose state; I forget what I’m doing and my hands tremble for a moment.

Removing my digit slowly, I push it in further than the last time, nipping at Jun’s back bones seductively. It’s a tremendous feat to make Jun’s blood boil and seep into him all the lust he usually conveys to others. So, I smile against his humid skin, grazing my teeth along his spine, proud of what I can do.

“If you want me to continue, you need to get on all fours.” I can almost see his glare, though he’s looking at the wall. “Yes, I mean it.”

“This better be good.” He hisses, but I cut him off; pushing my index in further, once more. I’d never seen him so obedient before.

I know he wants more. He shudders, dampened hair covering all expression in his eyes. I know he needs more, his voice a deep growl as I toy with his entrance, flicking one of his nipples with my free hand. His head snaps up and droplets splash me. I can’t help but wonder if he does it on purpose. Who knows at this point? Better yet, who cares at this point?

“Hurry up Kazu!” He says through clenched teeth.

“Fine.” I whisper near his ear.

If he wants to rush me, that’s quite alright, I’ll be so quick he’ll regret it. I bathe my hand in saliva, though I have lubricant in my pant pocket. I grab his stiffening member roughly, immediately stroking the very tip with my palm, thumb passing over the slit at the top every few instants. His legs almost give way, his back arches almost painfully into a semi-circle, and I can’t help but smirk.

“What was that? Faster?” I chuckle softly.

Faster I go, pulling him into the depths of my heavenly touch. He growls in response, burying his head in the satin, holding onto his pride tighter than those sheets. He does so in vain because I’m still not done. I use my other hand to stretch and tease his opening, my pumping similar to the pumping of a turbine.

I push in two digits, his voice now nothing but murmurs, cries and pants. I won’t let go of his cock, holding it tighter than my DS, I pull and tug at it furiously. His head shakes left and right, his arms trembling just trying to keep his weight up. I’ve set my destination for him; the border between paradise and hell.

“Kazu, please.” But I’m not as kind as he thinks.

So, I kneel as close as I can, biting at his sides coyly, dragging my fingers in and out slowly. His hips shimmy for a second, my teeth leaving curved marks on pale skin. There’s a loud grunt and all his muscles tense around me, he’d given into my sanctuary.

“Well Jun, I’m starving, what shall we eat?” I place a delicate kiss on the small of his back as he searches for air.

“I still hate you.” Jun bites back.

The end

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eeeeh? i was dancing in front of my computer when i saw that there is a second part!
i really enjoyed this one too...

(jun and sho were together?)

"I hate you with vengeance" - *melts* YES!

thank you!!

I'm glad you liked it!!! <3

(yes, they were...but didn't work out because of how serious they are. //random. haha)

LOL. ♥

was our pleasure to write it.

I know already you don't pay attention to requests, so I'm not requesting anything - I just wanna say that if you two write a Matsumiya book, I'll be first to buy it! You know, Nino isn't really my type in Arashi, but I was always interested in that pairing because of that clash of two powerful personalities and thanks to your fanfics I start to like him more. He's still my goban, but you're doing great work. *bows to your talent*

ps. I wanna know more about sho's feelings too...

XDDD haha...Nino is your goban?

umm...a Matsumiya book may be impossible. But we will definitely work on more matsumiya fanfics in the future.

Thank you so very much for reading.

*brain dead* <3


Why thank you for reading. ♥

and i just wanna say-
you have an amazing icon. 8D

thank you.. ^-^b

Ah such a cute ending~
though I feel sorry for Sho =(
But oh well, Matsumiya is my bias, sorry Sho but Sakumoto will have to stay broken xD

I personally write a lot of Matsurai though, lol.
I'm sure you can find them around.

glad you enjoyed the ending.



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