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Matsumiya Oneshot -- crack and smut involved.
Title: No choice
Author: yours truly.
Pairing: Matsumiya (NinoxJun)
Genre: smut, I guess. Angry!Smut?
Rating: R or soft NC-17.
Disclaimer: I own nada/nothing/zilch/niet/nanimo/rien.
Summary: Nino has a fight with Ohno and decides to move out.
Notes: Lovely kisses && hugs to my beta-sama; midorihaven && my promp!pimp/beta; hakkais_shadow.

No choice



"You're not serious. You can't be."

"...Jun. When have I ever asked you for anything like this?"

"That's true. But how bad of an argument could it have been?"

"Well, he threw my underwear out the window."

"Did you touch his clay heads or something?"

"I wish. Then at least I would have accomplished a revengeful act."

Jun sighed.

He rubbed at his temple, knowing he was in for more than he really needed. Jun reviewed his options carefully; Nino could live with him and they could argue a lot or Nino didn't live with him and he'd torture him with guilt instead. Jun decided on the former.

He waved for Nino to come in lazily, grabbing hold of one the bags he was carrying as he passed next to him. Nino's smile was shockingly bright at that moment; he'd finally found someone who'd accepted him into their apartment. Jun ignored the bizarre aura around Nino, figuring he just couldn't wait to plug in his Wii.

(Sho had refused; Nino liked grabbing his behind when Ohno wasn't around. And he knew he did it simply to hear the sounds that came with it. So, them living together would be mostly made up of groping and abrupt noises. Sho didn't want to kill his elderly neighbors just yet before their time.

Aiba refused because Ohno told him to. Aiba was a good boy and listened to his captain more than anyone else in Arashi, especially if Ohno was upset. Aiba's smile almost turned Nino's stomach when it was followed by an automatic 'no'.)

Jun's apartment was made for at least four people, but he lived alone. They all knew how much space he needed and how diva-esque he could become if he didn't get what he wanted right away. Nino wasn't worried though, not for a second. He might not be as high maintenance, but he's just as evil and clever to boot.

"You can have the room next to mine."

"So you can spy on me when I'm sleeping?"

"Maybe, if I get the urge to do so."



They didn't exchange any other words as Nino began unpacking his clothing, his endless video games and his manga collection. Half of which was missing; Aiba had borrowed them for a little over a year. Meanwhile, Jun secretly gushed over Sho, the pretty newscaster, in his room. The others were not told of this and would not be in the future, they would never find out. Nino could not be allowed to know because he would tell Sho first and that would be the end of him.

(Him being Nino, because Jun would have to put an end to him right away.)

Nino hummed, his mp3 player attached to his waist, while he delicately took out his Wii, his PS2, his PS3, his Nintendo get the idea. Just looking at those things made him giddy, he could care less about what Jun might be concocting over in his room. Then, it hit him like a ton of bricks.

He hadn't gone to the bathroom for the entire day and it was already supper time. Dropping all of his precious items, he barged into Jun's lair. There he sat, face unhealthily close to the television screen, hands wrapped around the edges.

"Oh Sho, you sound so smart."

Nino cleared his throat, fingers scratching at the back of his neck, a grin slowly forming in the corners of his mouth. Jun turned his head, horrified.

"Jun, sorry, but, where's the toilet?"

"Ha?! How long have you been standing there?"

"I just got here, I really need to go."

"Couldn't you have looked for yourself? Or knocked or anything?!"

"Yeah, but then I wouldn't discover this secret, now would I?" Nino smirked, although his bladder was about to get the best of him.

"You little punk!" Jun ran towards Nino, fists clenched on either side of him.

Nino's eyes widened, realizing he might have gone a little too far with the DoS king. He quickly ran into his bedroom, slamming the door and pushing whatever he could pick up in front of it. It was fortunate that Jun loved fine pieces of heavy furniture.

Jun shouted from outside the door: "You prick. I'm going to strangle you when you come out. Which you'll have to, with no food and no toilet in there. Not to mention, we're on the 5th floor."

Nino cursed at himself. He hadn't thought out this genius plan of his before attempting it. The only way he would get out of this would be to negotiate his way through it.

"Okay Jun. Let's both calm down."

"You better not be text messaging anything to Sho or I'll cut off your fingers!"

Nino hadn't even thought of that, what with his bladder stretched to dangerous proportions. But now he decided it would be a good time to take Jun's advice.

"I won't send it, if you let me go to the bathroom."

A growl was the answer he received. Jun mumbled to himself, the faith he lacked for Nino was going to cause him problems later, he knew.

"Fine. But you have to obey me after."

"Obey you? I'm not some chihuahua you can throw in your handbag Jun!"

"Either that, or you step foot out of this room and I punch you where the fans won't notice."

That's a threat he knew Jun would go through with, he wasn't going to tempt his fate today. He growled as well, afraid of what his punishment would be.

"Fine. But no whips, you sick pervert!"

Jun's roar of laughter outside the door confirmed his suspicion. It was going to be a sexual-related event of some sort, involving kinky items or strange positions. Nino seemed like a pretty open guy, but he preferred the old fashioned way of having sex.

He slowly pushed the door open, moving the extremely bizarre and oddly shaped table in the process. The creaking was driving him up the wall, as he hoped Jun wouldn't hurt him -- just as previously discussed. He slipped through, running into a room that looked like it had a toilet, which it did.

Nino's muscles finally loosened; the sweet release cleansing him of all his earlier anxieties. He didn't even care about what Jun was going to force onto or into him anymore. Nino just needed this feeling of relief, no matter what the consequences would become. He gave his manhood one last shake before hiding it away and washing his hands slowly. He wasn't looking forward to Jun's playtime.

Jun grinned outside the door; his foot tap, tap, tapping away on the shiny gray tiles below. He looked casually at his watch, pretending the time really mattered. He was going to have his way with Nino and torment him as long he felt necessary. Nino was like a disobedient stallion, running amuck in the wild, and Jun was just the cowboy who could break him.

"Finish yet?"

"Yeah, yeah, hold on a second."


"Very funny." Nino wiped his damp fingers on his jeans, turning the knob afterwards.

Jun snapped his fingers, trying to rush Nino out quicker. His grin becoming somewhat menacing, Jun's eyes gleamed with what seemed like evil. (Or that's what Nino thought every time he looked at Jun.) Nino grumbled, looking at his watch; Sho had bought it for Christmas.

"Can I at least eat first?"

"No. You should have thought of that when we were negotiating."

"Come on!"

"Too late Nino-chan." Nino shivered. Jun only used that expression when he really wanted to irk Nino and was planning out a diabolical scheme.

"Fuck you Jun."

"That's what you'll be doing soon enough. Now, go into my bedroom."

Nino obliged, making sure to walk at a pace that even Ohno would be annoyed with. Jun followed, pushing his fingers into Nino's back every few steps, just to let him know who was in charge. Jun had come up with the perfect scenario, Nino would never guess what was in store for him.

"Okay Nino. Don't move."

"Do your worst."

"No, Nino, I'm afraid it's you who will have to prove himself."


Above all, Nino hated being forced to touch other people when they wanted him to. He liked grabbing and groping and stealing kisses when the other person wasn't expecting it, or didn't approve of it. To him, this was worse than any kinky object Jun could have shoved up his behind or licked off of him.

"I know Nino. Aren't I cruel?"


"Get to work slave." Nino mumbled foul words, wishing he hadn't argued with Ohno and been thrown out.

"What do you want?"

Jun contemplated his options, finally deciding on a sensual full body massage.

"I'm pretty stiff from yesterday's rehearsal. How 'bout you massage me?"

"Do I even have a choice?"

"Of course...not." Jun smirked, his hands crossed behind his head, limbs sprawled across the bed.

Nino complained under his breath, glaring at Jun any opportunity he could get. He climbed on the bed carelessly, aggressively pulling off Jun's t-shirt from FCUK. Jun quirked an eye at him, displaying his discontentment. He knew Nino would be unhappy about this, but he didn't want to be harmed because of it.

"Whoa, Nino. Gentle, or else I'll make you do it slower."

Nino faked a smile, rolling his eyes soon after. He undid Jun's belt buckle, unzipped his jeans and dragged them off, dropping them softly to the floor. Nino sighed, staring at Jun's barely covered body. With a satisfied smirk, Jun watched Nino who felt more helpless than he'd imagined.

"Where should I start?"

"Start from the bottom and work your way up."

"Alright, my lord."

Jun would have complained if it not been Nino. Also, he wouldn't admit it, but when the older of the two had pronounced those two words, he felt a sudden rush of power and strength (that most likely went to his cock).

"Already Jun? I didn't even touch you yet!"

"What can I say? I'm quite fertile."

"And sadistic."

"What was that?"


Nino knew better than to piss off an already dominant Jun. He crawled over Jun, massaging his feet, ankles, calves, thighs. There laid one of Jun's sensitive spots; his inner thigh. Not that Nino would complain, it was cream-colored and smooth and much nicer than his own. (But that was debatable.)

"Mmm. Right there, a little longer."

Nino stopped a smile from forming on his lips; he didn't want to give Jun the reaction he wanted. Jun moaned deep in his throat, barely audible to Nino who was now hovering over his hips. In circles and ovals, his thumbs moved along the inside of the pale and delectable skin. Nino tried not looking at it, in fear that he might want to kiss it.

Nino shook himself from this dream state and continued his voyage across Jun's many wondrous mounds and plains he called a body, denying along the way that he enjoyed it. Jun gasped when Nino briefly touched his manhood on his way to his abs and chest. Nino closed his eyes, the images and the sounds getting to pollute his sanity.


Jun said it in such a soft and loving manner that Nino couldn't believe it was the same person. The word resounded in his ears, sending shivers up and down his spine, his hands trembling over the soft skin of Jun's stomach. The younger man moaned again, pushing Nino over the edge. He could no longer resist this man, no matter their differences.

Nino straddled Jun suddenly. His hands simultaneously rubbing both their members roughly against their clothing, not caring of the bruises they might have later. He pushed Jun's arms away, pulling his mouth closer instead, kissing him deeper. Licking, biting, sucking, Nino couldn't control himself anymore. Jun was powerless underneath Nino, his lust was more powerful than he'd expected.

Pulling off Jun's boxers with little effort, he threw them into a sloppy pile on the floor, his massage continuing in his most sensitive area. Jun growled, trying to regain control and push Nino away, but he couldn't work any of his muscles properly. His fingers clenched the sheet tightly, Nino rubbed furiously at Jun's arousal, using his saliva as lubricant.

And after 3 minutes of this constant pace, Jun could no longer withstand it. He came, a drawn out sound, almost like a howl, slipping past his lips. Nino blinked innocently at Jun, fingers full of the sticking liquid.

"I'm guessing this means the massage is done. I'm going to take a shower."

This was not at all how Jun had planned it. He was going to force Nino to massage him for at least an hour, thoroughly. Eventually they'd start kissing and Nino would prepare Jun for a rare fucking. (He's always the one topping usually.) But no, Nino had been uncontrollable and rabid, and Jun found it completely and utterly hot.

"Wait for me Nino. I need to cool off."

This time, Nino opened the bathroom door gladly, locking it behind them.


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hahah this was so funny! especially the intro XD glad to see more matsumiya X3

^//^ I'm glad you enjoyed it. <3

the world does need more evil I mean Matsumiya..xD~~

thanks for commenting. ♥

Hmm I decided that only an evil eyed icon will do for this and since I have only OHmiya Arashi icons, this one will have to do!

Can I say ^____^ (*insert evil glint!*) - that was some damn fine writing.

hahha, I like it. ^_~

lol, ah...that means a lot to me. thank you.
I really appreciate you commenting.


Well since you had Hakkai related friends, too it seemed appropriate to use a Hakkai eyed icon!

Perhaps it is just coincidence that they are both Virgos!!! They seem to have similar streaks of evilness and that same neat-freak-ness about them, although perhaps for different reasons ... and I must stop there otherwise I would launch into my Saiyuki and Arashi parallels and I will never shut up! ^__~

Apologies for spamming your Arashi with non-related stuffs.

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aaah, very nice, i like the matsumiya pair, they are just so nice!
ice fic i really, really like it!!
take care!

thank you for reading. ^-^

I'm glad you enjoyed it.


any matsumiya fic makes me happy 3>

lol. i suppose that's good. xD

but how is that complimenting me? hahaha

thanks for reading! ♥

Two evil twirps in one bed is very interesting to imagine. *_*

hahha, yes, yes it would be.


thank you for reading and commenting.

Ah, the pure evil emanating from this pairing . . . somehow makes me very happy:)

I laughed a lot and really enjoyed this, and yet, the part I kept going back to was:

"Well, he threw my underwear out the window."

I would so</> pay to see that, and the fight leading up to it. I don't even know why, but it made my evening. And it wasn't even a major focus or anything. I . . . guess I like the idea of a riled Ohno?

of course.
Me and Junko have battles worse than this..xD~~

I'm glad someone paid attention to that part!
One of my favorite lines to write..haha

yeah, I wasn't sure if I could write anything as bad as what people could imagine for that part, so I left it up to the imagination. lol.

thank you so much for commenting.


I really enjoyed reading this =D!!
Matusmiya till the end of time x)

heh, thanks for reading!

glad you liked it. -bows-


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