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JunxSho FTW. =)
Title: Quiet
Author: yours truly.
Pairing: MatsuRai, Ohmiya moments
Rating: R..kinda. there's a little smut at the end.
Genre: Mostly humour, a tiny bit of angst I guess.
Disclaimer: I own my life. Not much else..maybe my drawings. haha.
Summary: Sho tries to reconcile with Jun.
Notes: This is un-betad because I couldn't find anyone to disturb.
first part here ^-^v


This silence, I've been dreading for years, returned as if nothing ever happened between us. I'd hoped that, after my unfortunate fainting incident, he'd finally realize our misunderstanding wasn't of such importance anymore. Alas, stubborn like he is, letting go of certain occurrences is difficult.

He spoke to me with the same distant and uncaring tone as he did before, smiling only if he felt it to be absolutely necessary, and only laughing when he was on camera. (Yes, he was all about pleasing the fans.)

But I was set on turning our relationship around.

Especially since I had witnessed him getting a bit too friendly with Aiba, for my taste. I'm quite aware they've been close for years and that he's probably his best friend, but I was his lover at one point and it pinched a nerve inside of me I didn't think still existed. Thus, I knew I had to find a way to bring him back to me. No matter how long and grueling of a task it might become, I would not give up on our relationship.


It was Monday evening, our usual meeting in the dressing room taking place. He forced himself to not look at me, knowing that I only wanted to be near him again. I could feel how uncomfortable he was, although I was all the way across the room.

I had a plan though, and it was waiting for him in the miniature refrigerator Shukudai provides us with. I was quite proud of myself, honestly, for thinking up such a flawless plan. Who would have thought I could be this brilliant at times? I couldn't help but grin at the idea of finally touching him again. I should have waited for Ohmiya to be gone.


"Yes Riida."

"Why is your smile so wide today?"
Nino giggled behind his Nintendo DS, head leaning on Ohno's lap.

"For nothing in particular."

"Are you going to sleep with Jun today?"

Nino laughed out loud, his video game paused and almost falling from his tiny fingers. Luckily Jun had earphones on and insisted on sitting away from all of us. Aiba, on the other hand, decided he wanted to have a bubble bath before the show. I was safe, for now. So I simply ignored the question, even though he was our leader.

As most people knew, Jun couldn't resist sweet foods to save his life. Therefore, I went out on a sunny Saturday morning, searching for the most delicious piece of tiramisu I could find. After five hours of this repetitive process of finding and eating, finally, I decided on one. (Not even sure if it was the best one, I couldn't taste much anymore by this time.)

It was going to be perfect. I would wait for everyone to leave and then when it would just be us two, because it always is, I would go on my knees and hopefully he'd accept my apology. (Still, I'm unsure of what I did wrong to begin with.)


The taping ended successfully. I was anxious and nervous about how Jun would react to my sincere attempt at earning his forgiveness. I rushed into our dressing room, towards the fridge of course. I pulled the handle aggressively, impatient more than ever. I could see the tin foil and the plate, but the cake itself, the piece de resistance, was missing!

I looked around the room as rapidly as my limbs would take me, searching through couches, bags, anything. I looked back inside the fridge and spotted a note attached to the foil I had wrapped the tiramisu in.

"I.O.U. It looked too tasty and I was really hungry after my bubble bath. -Aiba"

This, this was one of those times when I wished I were DoS like Jun, so I could physically hurt Aiba for his constant stupidity. But I couldn't, I was the mother in Arashi, it would be wrong to beat my retarded child. (Even though he deserved it this time.) So, I did the mature thing, I left a note on his backpack stating that he 'stay away from me for a days' and that I needed to 'cool down a bit'.

I left the dressing room, eyes glued to the floor, dragging my feet behind me.


The next taping arrived. I wasn't sure how to go about my apology, Jun was so frigid at times like these. (Times like these being during our work hours. He would smack Aiba for breathing too loud if he could.)

I spent the entire week writing an apology note/love letter for him. I wondered if he'd appreciate it more knowing it took time out of my usual News Zero studies. Besides that, I needed some advice on how to convey the message properly.

Ohno, person who seemed most oblivious among us, actually understood everyone to a T. Although he didn't say anything, he listened and he watched and he felt our emotions. He was actually the best fit one to be our leader, after all.

I crept up to Ohno, careful not to make eye contact with Nino or Jun. Nino would scream something embarrassing out and attract Jun's attention toward my situation, purposely. And if Jun could see my eyes, he'd know I was hiding something; our bond was too strong for our own good.

"Riida, do you have a second?"

"Sure, sure."

"Don't talk too loud, Nino will hear us."

"Oh, right. What's up?"

"Well, I wrote something for Jun."

"Of course."

"What do you mean of course?"

"I know you want to make up with him. And to tell you the truth, me and Nino like you guys together best. You're both so pretty and caring with each other, it's perfect."

I tried to appreciate the comment, but were they discussing these things around Jun? That would be bad news for me, my plans would be ruined. I tried to hide my irritation and continued with my questioning.

"So, how should I bring it up?"

"Hmm...good question."

"What is?" Of course, Nino with his super-hearing has to interfere.

"Nevermind." I wasn't going to continue with Nino's ears listening attentively.

Nino smirked, a little too much for my liking. His face was always distorted into some kind of suspicious expression, but this time I knew he was hiding something. I just wasn't sure if I wanted to find out as of yet. Ohno continued drawing in his scrapbook, pretending to not observe his surroundings.

Aiba bursted out of the bathroom, towel around his waist and still dripping water. He looked in my direction and probably remembered the note I left him, so he ran toward Jun, whispering in his ear. They both started to giggle and, once again, something squeezed me inside and I felt like I might implode right then and there.

Suddenly I couldn't go through with it anymore and I had to get out of that place. Something just came over me and if I didn't leave, they'd all see my tears and I had to be the strongest one of all.


Another week had gone by, I was drained of all plausible ideas and energy. If there was a word for my current situation it would have something to do with giving up and failing. I had never been so unsuccessful with expressing my feelings to someone I cared for so dearly, I figured I might as well stop trying.

And, by that time, I remembered something he had told me many years ago. He liked when people stood up for themselves and pursued the things they loved. Jun was the thing I wanted and I was going to have him. There was no turning back now.

The show over, I had barely spoken to the guests, still focusing on my goal; getting Jun back. I knew Ohmiya had realized something because they kept mumbling things behind my back. Aiba enjoyed the food, knowing my mind was elsewhere and it stopped me from eating. Jun ignored me more than ever.

But my objective was set and I wasn't going to back down today. Jun was going to be consumed with me, loving me, thinking only of me as I felt with him. Ohmiya entered the dressing room, packing up surprisingly fast and rushing off together, giggling like schoolgirls. Aiba took one look at me, startled, he grabbed his things and escaped as well.

Jun, walking slowly, brushed his hair back with his delicate fingers. He turned his back to me, packing away his makeup and jewelry. I stood behind him, staring intently, probably burning a hole in the back of his head.



"If you're going to say something, now's the time."

Now or never Sho, that's what I kept repeating to myself. His words were exactly what I needed to hear for an extra push.

"No more games Jun, I want you."


I'm sure he thought he was sly, answering me as if he had no interest at all. But as soon as I spun him around and bent him over the table his bag was placed on, he couldn't refuse me for a second.

Pushing his stuff onto the floor, I pressed harder into him, making sure he could feel how much I've wanted this. He tried to push me away, giving off one of his famous glares. I almost laughed. I knew he wanted it more than me and he was just too DoS to admit it. His pride was going to get the best of him if he continued this way.

I bit at a sensitive spot just below his jaw and felt all his limbs drop at the same time. His eyes shut automatically, his legs wound around my hips, pulling me in tighter as soon as he could move again. His panting increased as I slid my index slowly down his torso, eyes locked on his.

Suddenly he decided he wanted to be in charge again. (I mean, come on, it's Jun.)

He pushed me off, throwing us both onto the carpeted floor below. His devious smile polluted my mind and all I could imagine was his fingers on my cock, until I looked down and realized they were there. This had gone further than just a simple infatuation. Every inch of his being touched my body and drove me mad.

He panted in my ear, leaving me breathless as well, praying for more contact. Like by telepathy, he understood and unbuttoned my pants, sliding his already aroused member against mine. Everything was too fast, I couldn't process it correctly.

My mind was blank, I was so close, just knowing it was Jun doing this to me. I tried telling him to stop but all i could mutter was 'Oh...Jun'. I was a failure again, but in a good way this time. My hand pressed gently on his chest, I tried to explain with my eyes only. (Like that would ever work.)

Jun grinned, looking down at my arousal and slowly putting it away.

"You're right. This isn't the best spot for our first time."

"...yes. Yes, exactly." I cleared my throat.

"Besides, Ohmiya are listening outside the door."





sakumoto rabu rabu yay! i'm so in love with this story.. hu~

hontouni arigatou ne ^____________^


they're so rare! I adore this pairing. <3
and I'm glad you enjoyed it. ♥

First of all, I thank you for writing this. It is not everyday that I come across a fic for my OTP. ♥ Secondly, I love that it's Sho running after Jun this time. And that OhMiya is now an official thing going on that even Sho uses it like it is an everyday word.

Hahaha. I enjoyed reading this. :D

hahaha. well, with me, all I've been writing lately is Matsurai fics/drabbles..hahahaah. I'm obsessed. *-*

lol, thank you for reading and commenting.
I'm glad you enjoyed it, I had fun writing it. <3

Looking forward to your future works. :D

I like the storyline :D<3 I also liked how the characterizations seemed to match their real personalities; great fic!

yay && yay. I remember I used to get a lot of comments about my characterizations being off, so you are a splendid breath of fresh air.


thanks for commenting. <3

:D Thank you for writing fic for this almost non-existent pairing in Arashi. OTP OTP OTP!

And the way you wrote Jun reminded me so much of him himself. [:

yes, it was my duty! I must spread the matsurai love. <3


thank you. really? that's great news. -bows-


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