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TORNtainment - Monologue (Chapter Six)
Title: TORNtainment
Author: lalois
Fandom: Kanjani8
Pairings: RyOhkura, mention of Ohkura x Yoshitaka Yuriko
Rating: PG
Length: chaptered
Words: 1675
Genre: romance, angst, slice-of-life
Disclaimer: sadly I don’t own anything about Kanjani8, just my worship for my OTP.
Prompt: based on real facts happened on 2016 mainly, old and new pieces of Eito summed up together to get a glimpse of the actual relationship/distance (or lack of) between Ryo and Ohkura. Mainly set during the Takoyaki EighterTainment tour.
Summary: is TORN one dead concept? How is Ohkura coping with the whole thing?
Written on: 29th January 2017
Previous chapters: 1 - Sayonara wa itsumo, 2 - Kanashii koi, 3 - no-no-no, 4 - Sorry sorry love, 5 - Back off
Also available on Ao3

It's never been easy, between us.
I probably didn't like him when we first met. He was a cocky little brat.
Quite talented, to be honest, but still way too cocky. And a brat, shorter than me despite his being one year older.
He shined, and hasn't ceased to be a great guy ever since.
While I was silent and pretty invisible, basically to anyone.


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