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[Multi-Part] Thirst

Title: Thirst
Pairing: JunDa, KoyaShige
Genre: Vampire!AU
Rating: R
Disclaimer: ME NO OWNN
Summary: Sequel/Prequel to Taste the Blood, Vampire!Junno recalls his first meeting with his Source.
AN: I've been DYING to write another part about this jundaverse! So this is pretty much an origin story for them about how they met and everything. Also I couldn't resist adding in koyashige to the mix too since I was pretty much planning on them having a role in this verse but ever since I starting following them their roles eventually changed from what I initially planned xD. I'm definitely going to write more from this AU as the ideas come. Also this was suuuuper long, I don't know how I let it get away from me so I'm sorry about that ^^;; This was SUPPOSED to be a one-shot but apparently LJ says my post was too long xD So publishing this in 2 parts.


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